Monday , June 27 2022

Why Your Home Needs a Nook

Why Your Home Needs a Nook

With the rise of open floor plans, those snuggly, cozy, intimate spaces where you can curl up and escape have gone by the wayside. Here’s why you should incorporate a small, comfy nook into your home.

It’s true that open floor plans have been great for creating a shared, flowing environment that promotes togetherness and openness. But what about those moments you find yourself craving a little alone time in your own intimate cocoon? A nook person needs a sheltered space to curl up, escape the vastness of the world, and connect with whatever is driving them.

The solution? Create a niche for yourself, or add function to an existing dead space in your home. The key is comfort — imagine the interior design manifestation of a hug.

As you start to think of potential areas for a niche, here are a few suggestions to consider that may open your eyes to some possibilities you may not have thought about.

Before You Nook:

1. Take size into consideration. You might see an awkward stair landing, but that space is big enough for two kids to comfortably sit and play a board game or video game.

2. Let the light shine in. There is no better place for a cozy niche than by windows. Warm sunshine brightens and warms while outdoor views encourage thought and imagination.

3. Sneak in storage. Whether it is built-in shelving or discreet drawers hidden underneath a little alcove — wherever you can fit in extra storage, do it. Make your nook as self-contained as possible so that all the things you need to bring comfort and relaxation are readily available. Also, when the nook isn’t in use, it will still serve your family well by containing and organizing belongings.

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