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What Your Favorite Colors Say About Your Personality

What Your Favorite Colors Say About Your Personality

If you’ve ever walked into a colorful room and instantly felt your mood change, there’s actually a psychological reason for it. What do your favorite colors say about you?

Most interior decorators are well-versed on how color can speak to personality — and oftentimes find themselves “playing therapist” to their clients as they choose colors for their homes.

What does your home ultimately say about your personality? Use this color guide to help you pick colors that speak to your specific attributes.

Warm Colors

If your home is filled with shades of red, orange, pink or yellow, you might be invoking the Scandinavian hygge aesthetic and not even know it. This trend is all about getting comfy and making others feel free to do the same. Warm colors signal that you are an inviting host who values a friendly, cozy space. Warm wall colors work well in a home’s gathering spaces, like the den or living room. Also, shades of orange, yellow and red can be used effectively to ground a large room.

Cool Colors

Greens, blues and purples nurture peace and relaxation. Shades of blue and green are often included on “color of the year” lists and touted as friendly introductory hues. A recent study even proclaimed navy blue as the most relaxing color in the world. People drawn to blues, greens and purples likely value harmony, and appreciate time for meditation and reflection. Keep in mind that jewel tones can suggest a more melancholy or mysterious aesthetic. Cool colors work well in bedrooms or other places meant for relaxing and unwinding after a hard day.

Neutral Colors

Homeowners that gravitate toward neutral colors tend to play it safe. They’re most likely practical people who make decisions they know will prove longlasting. This, however, does not mean they’re boring people. Neutral Natalies run the gamut from very open and cheerful to quiet and reserved. Although they play it safe with interior color schemes, many choose to create interest in their spaces by accenting with smaller decorative items.


While white technically belongs in the neutral category, homeowners who purposely choose white for their walls tend to be super tidy. They might also be known as a neat-freak to their friends and family. The reality is that they have a clear understanding that neatness and organization are key when it comes to success. These are the people who find comfort in the sterile white walls of a doctor’s office rather than feeling intimidated or overly restrained. Consider using white for utilitarian spaces like the bathroom, laundry room or kitchen. Use color in accessories and furnishings to add interest and dimension.

Bold Pops of Color

If you have a hard time sticking to a single color, there’s a good chance that you might be the life of the party. Those that incorporate bold pops of color in their interior paint choices tend to be energetic, adventurous and fun. They love using color to create inspiration and points of interest. For unexpected color, try surprising houseguests with yellow kitchen cabinets or a bright pink door.

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