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Using Mirrors to Decorate

Using Mirrors to Decorate

Mirrors add style, create the illusion of space in a small room, and brighten things up. Use these tips to decorate your home with mirrors.

A favorite wall accessory, mirrors create and reflect beauty. Regardless of your decorating style, a mirror can lend a textural element to a blank wall. Plus, it’s fun to go out and find them — garage sales and flea markets are great venues to find interesting shapes and sizes. So, how do you find a mirror that reflects your look and personality? Here are a few pointers.


The placement of a mirror is key when it comes to adding to the feel of a room. Mirrors tend to reflect and expand the features of a room, so it’s important to place your mirror in a spot where the view is worth looking at twice.

For instance, a bold mirror in an entryway can serve as a statement piece to forecast the style of the home as you walk in the door. It can also function as a convenient stop to check your appearance as you head out the door for the day.

Expand and Lighten

By bouncing light around, a mirror has the ability to transform a small or dark room. Not only does it reflect natural light back into the room to brighten it up, a mirror visually enlarges the space.

Mirrors as Art

A statement of art all on their own, mirrors do more than just reflect. Try finding a mirror with a distinct style or texture. If it needs an update, apply a fresh coat of paint. Metal frames are especially easy to repaint. If you’re painting over a frame that is stained wood, make sure to sand it and use primer before you paint.

To create a stunning focal point in any room, pair the mirror with a cabinet, console table or bed. For more light throughout the entire room, place a lamp near the mirror. You can also try adding multiple mirrors in a small bedroom or living room to increase the impact.

Mirrors also work well as a foundation piece in a layered mantel display. If you prefer that the mirror recedes into the background, choose a large mirror with a simple black or white frame. For a mirror that pops within the display, go for a more ornate frame or a more vibrant color. Then you simply accessorize the mantel with various decorative items. This technique is great for those who like to switch up their room decor frequently, as decorative items can be swapped out quickly and easily.

Mirror Styles

Offering a subtle nod to your locale, mirror styles often reflect the surrounding environment. For instance, if your home is near the beach, a rope mirror can add a nautical touch that pays homage to your seaside setting. The same goes for other parts of the country, where a similar effect can be achieved using materials that reflect the area — such as a weathered barn wood mirror for a rural area, or an industrial metal-framed mirror for an urban loft.

Double Up

There is no rule that says you can only have one mirror in a room, so consider maximizing the light-boosting effects of mirrors by doubling up. A good pairing to consider is hanging an oversized mirror above the mantel, and leaning a floor mirror against the wall near a sitting area. Multiple mirrors not only can make a small room feel more spacious, they brighten any room throughout the entire year.

Floor Mirrors

Not just for walk-in closets anymore, floor mirrors are being used in entryways, living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. They generally provide the same features as wall mirrors, meaning they enhance natural light and give the visual illusion of increased space, but can make more of a statement due to their size and placement.

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