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Tricks to Make Faux Houseplants Look Real

Tricks to Make Faux Houseplants Look Real

Although nothing is better than the real deal, sometimes ones lifestyle makes it impossible to house or care for live houseplants. If you’re trying to pass off your faux plants as real, here are a few important tips to help you pull it off.

Placement is Key

You wouldn’t put a cactus in a dark corner of your basement and you wouldn’t place a fern in a windowsill with blazing sunlight. Be mindful when it comes to the placement of your faux plants. Do your research so you know their needs and won’t blow their cover. In addition, refrain from placing artificial plants on really high shelves because odds are, you wouldn’t place a real plant there, as watering would be a major pain.

Embrace Imperfection

Nature is full of blemishes and imperfections. No two plants are the same, no two leaves are the same. Therefore if your fake plant’s stem is imperfect or your fake fiddle figs look different, it’s a good thing! Welcome those “flaws” on your artificial houseplants — they only add to the illusion of them being real.

You Pay for What You Get

When it comes to faux plants, it’s worth spending a few extra dollars to make sure they are of decent quality. Wear and tear can reveal an artificial plant’s true colors, so it’s important to go for durability. Scratches and rips in fabric and plastic are not only unattractive, they are a dead giveaway the plant is fake.

Proper Maintenance

Another dead giveaway? Dust. A quick feather dusting and/or wipe down can keep a faux plant at its greenest and best looking. Another great way to add realism is to add potting soil or moss around the base of the plant, like they are grown in nature.

Tune In to Texture

Succulent leaves naturally look plastic-like, so it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to buy a silk-leaf succulent plant. When purchasing faux plants, pay attention to the material of the plant and how it relates to the texture of the plant it is trying to imitate. Try to find plants made from materials that are shine-free, as shine draws more attention to artificial materials.

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