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Trending Patterns to Work Into Your Decor

Trending Patterns to Work Into Your Decor

If you tend to shy away from patterns or are tired of how you’re currently decorating with them, here are some foolproof ways to add trendy patterns to your home.

Buffalo Check

Old is new again when it comes to plaid. Because of its being available in a wide variety of shades and sizes, classic buffalo check is trendier than ever. Consider pairing it with small polka dots for a feminine twist.


Think hexagons, diamonds and triangles. While these angular concepts might conjure up memories of junior high math, they can make for valuable design tools. Not only do they give a modern edge to a space, they also pair really well with less angular patterns like florals.


Graphic plant prints, such as banana leaves, ferns and palm leaves, continue to adapt to fit modern decor. An abstract botanical print on bedding, for instance, provides a sweet and subtle look. For a more contemporary style, consider a bold banana-leaf print on pillows, wallpaper or artwork.

Retro Futurism

Throwback designs are still a favorite. Think large-scale prints with ephemeral color schemes and shapely patterns. Whether used alone or in tandem with other funky prints inspired by the Atomic Age, you’ll be sure to give your guests a taste of decades gone by.


Southwestern-style prints tend to give a nod to nature by pairing natural elements like wood, rope and leather, with the beauty of the desert. While they offer interest to otherwise neutral rooms, they look equally stunning in living areas and utilitarian spaces.

Greek Key

Although the Greek key pattern has been around since the beginning of Greek civilization and has been popular in buildings that follow the classic architectural order, what’s new is that it’s also popping up on home accessories and fabrics. This fresh application to the classic pattern gives it new life and actually lends itself to contemporary-styled spaces.

Animal Print

Animal prints bring a trendy update to color- and pattern-filled rooms. Not only are they versatile, they read almost like a neutral — especially tone-on-tone animal print. When mixed with other prints, animal print can actually end up being the most subdued of them all.


While trellis is genuinely popular now, it is also a classic that holds up over time. Available in a wide range of colors and scales, when paired with an otherwise neutral palette, trellis-patterned curtains, pillows, or other accessories bring a room to life.

Block Prints

Invoke a trendy, handmade artisan look with block print-style patterns. They can be geometric or more naturally conceived, like leaves and vines, but are typically made up of a colored pattern on a white background.


A linear geometric pattern that has overtaken chevron as a favorite, herringbone has been well-known as a mainstay in men’s fashion. The pattern is now popping up in home decor in very structured formats as well as more fluid, hand-drawn looks.

Modern Florals

The old, outdated stereotype that springs to mind when you hear the word ‘floral’ is just that — old and outdated. While still feminine, the patterns available today are fresh, fun and modern.

Irregular Polka Dots

A more sophisticated take on the kid-friendly polka dots, the irregular look not only invokes the now popular hand-drawn patterns, but also resembles animal patterns, which are trending as well.

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