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Top 7 Exterior Paint Colors for 2021

Top 7 Exterior Paint Colors for 2021

Send your home’s curb appeal through the roof with these trending exterior paint colors.

For the most part, exteriors are exempt from fickle design trends that always seem to be changing. However, a noticeable shift has taken place this year where traditional colors, like bright whites, are giving way to bold, statement-making palettes on front doors, trim and even siding. From cheerful pastels, and vibrant greens and blues to dark monochromatic schemes, you’re going to want to take a look.

1. All-Black Everything

A new and surprising exterior trend this year, monochromatic black facades are very different from anything that has been done in the past. The draw for people adopting this dark, contemporary aesthetic — even on traditional style homes — is its ability to make any home stand out and look modern. Black also makes a beautiful complement to the home’s surrounding greenery. If painting your entire exterior a dark color seems a bit much for you, consider using it in smaller doses on the shutters or front door instead.

2. Rich Charcoal

Also gaining in popularity are rich shades of deep gray. Dark exteriors are a more adventurous choice that bring a sophisticated edge to homes. The real fun, however, is in choosing accent colors for the front door, trim and shutters. An earthy, warm ochre or a rich bronze-green make fabulous choices. Or you can go another way and consider some non-traditional shades that are playful and catch the eye — cheerful pastels like lemon, pink or baby blue.

3. Warm Creams and Whites

Crisp, pure whites are officially out and have been replaced with more subdued versions that carry a peaceful energy. Creamy whites or those with gentle hints of color, like subdued green tones, feel less pointed and appear more sophisticated when paired with dramatic, dark hues.

4. Vivid Greens

Showing the influence nature and its revitalizing qualities have had this year, rich shades of green are being applied more and more to exteriors. Designers are using color to impact other outside elements, such as structures and garden plantings. Darker shades are especially flattering to greenery, allowing them to pop against painted fencing or brickwork.

5. Subdued Gray-Greens

Muted gray-greens also fall into the nature-inspired category, but are gaining popularity with those who want a more subdued experience. Considered to be in a range of calming colors, gray-greens not only serve to inspire us, but also strengthen our comfort and security levels.

6. Classic Navy Blue

Although a more traditional shade, this popular color can make a good fit for both classic and modern facades. Consider matching it up with contrasting accent colors for maximum effect, such as natural wood textures or a rich yellow. Go with a shade that leans towards a dark blue-gray to articulate a sea-inspired design.

7. Contrasting Doors

As mentioned before, darker shades are playing a strong role in the current monochromatic exterior color trend. But using a lighter shade on the front entry door is a fun, unexpected way to highlight your home’s architecture. For example, pairing black siding with a cheerful, light blue door.

It’s good to remember that updating your home’s curb appeal doesn’t mean you must paint the entire exterior. You can simply give your front door a fresh coat of paint — a job that takes mere hours — and still get a major boost. Consider making a statement with your front door color that represents your family’s personality. Is your household a bright pink, bold red, classic blue or vivid green?

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