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Decorating With Bright

Tips for Decorating With Bright, Playful Color

Tips for Decorating With Bright, Playful Color

As you may have heard, one home decorating trend for 2019 is vivid color. While you can certainly go all-in and paint an entire room or accent wall with the bright hue of your choice, there are less-imposing ways to incorporate lively shades into your home. Here are a few:


To build an entire room around one color, choose a large focal point, like a rug or piece of furniture, and pull pillows and textiles that either compliment or contrast. Make sure to add plenty of neutral or white accents to balance bold colors. TIP: Bright, happy colors are a great fit for rooms that get lots of light.


Instead of painting an entire wall, consider painting an accent feature such as the trim on windows or doors, crown molding, or baseboard molding. This adds a fun pop of color to an otherwise neutral space.


When decorating with a certain color, consider using its complementary colors as well. Complementary colors are a great way to create contrast and add character to a room. Remember, it’s important to consider hue, saturation and tone when pairing complementary colors. For instance, try offsetting pastels with pastels, or jewel tones with jewel tones.


Easy, practical and affordable, pillows are always a source for inviting color into your home. Mix it up with sizes, shapes, textures and patterns; add them to sofas, chairs or beds. Pillows are versatile and fun! TIP: In addition to pillows, add a bundle of matching flowers as a centerpiece.


Stripes, polka-dots and classic geometric patterns are good ways to add dimension and ambiance to your space. The versatility available through pattern size and color contrast can take a room anywhere from subtle glamour to downright funky.


Refresh an old piece of furniture with a coat of paint in your chosen hue and it immediately becomes a statement piece. Use it to pull out color from other patterned items in the room. For instance, paint a dresser red to highlight the red splashes of color in the comforter on your bed. TIP: Arrange dark tabletop furnishings on a bright piece of painted furniture for a high-impact display that isn’t overbearing.

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