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Tips for a Well-Decorated Hallway

Tips for a Well-Decorated Hallway

Practical and often forgotten when it comes to decorating, hallways are prime space to get creative. Use these tips to bring your hallway into line with the rest of your home!

Make it a Destination

Make your hallway into a place where people stop and take notice by turning a blank wall into a gallery of artwork or family photos. Start by tracing the shape of your frames onto kraft paper and taping the shapes on the wall until you hit on the perfect arrangement. Use other elements to complete the look and add interest to your passageway. For instance, a bench, a paisley runner and some pretty throw pillows create a welcoming environment. Or try displaying a family collection, fresh flowers, or an assortment of tabletop decor on a narrow table or bookcase. Be sure to always keep safety in mind — use rubber grippers under rugs and choose furniture that won’t impede traffic.

Pattern is Your Pal

Punchy patterns, much like vibrant colors, work well in hallways. Simply choose a nice wallpaper or stenciled paint pattern and you’re well on your way. While a tiny pattern may appear too busy in a long, narrow space, a large-scale pattern works well. To dial down the look, pick a tone-on-tone pattern. Finish off the space with a suitable seating vignette and narrow shelves for collectibles, photos or other accessory items.

Functional Furniture

A narrow hallway doesn’t have to only accommodate foot traffic. Increase its function with a slim console table or tilt-out cupboard units that create storage space and surface area. A small side table strategically placed in the corner of a hallway is the perfect place to contain odds and ends.

Add a Pop of Color

Adding an unexpected burst of color to your hallway walls — or ceiling — is a great way to incorporate interest and fun. Narrow and confined spaces are able to pull of bold colors without it being overwhelming. What better excuse to showcase your favorite color that is “too much” for larger spaces? To complete the look, treat the hallway like a room and accessorize in coordinating colors.

Simple Decor

When it comes to hallway decorating, complexity is not required to be impactful. Just a few simple accessories and furniture pieces are all you need to create a stunning transitional space. Create a unified vignette and give passers by a reason to stop and take notice. For those with floor space they’d like to show off, consider a narrow runner. Not only will it highlight the floor, it will protect the main walkway.

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