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This Year’s Top Decorating Trends for Fall

This Year’s Top Decorating Trends for Fall

While the classic pumpkin and plaid decorating ideas never go out of style, this year is about unique ways to embrace the season. Tap into these fresh trends to foster a festive and comforting feel at home this fall.

Nature-Inspired Colors

While yellow, orange and red are the traditional colors associated with fall time, interior designers are looking to other nature-inspired shades more and more for creating sophisticated autumn color palettes. Warm, rich tones that bring character and elegance, like deep blues, greens and browns, enhance a space without overwhelming it. It’s true, these colors may not be classic fall colors. But when certain shades are chosen — deeper hues with warm undertones — they just feel right.

For the traditionalists out there, who prefer decorating with classic fall colors, consider mixing things up a bit by throwing an unexpected color or two into your palette. For example, set off your orange and yellow decor with a deep green runner on the dining room table, or toss in a few navy blue pillows. Metallic accents are also a great way to freshen things up. They not only add a bit of shine, but create contrast and give a unique pop of color.

Guest-Ready Spaces

After last year’s hiatus in seasonal get-togethers, many people are looking to prepare their homes for entertaining family and friends again. There’s a sense of urgency, as their homes have been somewhat neglected without that pressure from impending guests. Especially important for fall decorating this year are common areas like the dining room, kitchen and living spaces. As you work towards getting your home ready for hosting, be sure to work in decorative elements that accommodate all five senses, including essential oil diffusers or scented candles. Scent can often create a cozy feeling in a space with very little decor.

Comfy Textured Fabrics

With cooler temperatures comes the need for comfy textured fabrics. After all, texture is a major trend in 2021 on its own. Layering textures like bulky knit blankets and knobby throw pillows with rich fabrics like velvet are a fast, easy way to revamp your space from a light, carefree summer vibe to one that is warm and cozy. In addition, mixing a variety of fabrics featuring different textures — faux fur, nubby bouclé, soft cashmere — will instantly freshen up your bedding or sofa with a comfy, layered look for fall.

Cozy Sanctuary Spots

If there is one thing that the pandemic has strengthened, it’s that your home should be an oasis. This last fall decorating trend puts that idea at the forefront. Use the seasonal change as a chance to develop your own special space somewhere inside your home. For example, create a cozy reading nook in a neglected corner with a stuffed armchair, floor lamp and fuzzy blanket. Or make a window seat snuggle friendly by adding some soft pillows and a warm plaid throw.

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