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The Hottest Neutral Color This Fall

The Hottest Neutral Color This Fall

For those looking to spice up their home decor for fall, this once-dated neutral is back and better than before.

Popular for at least two decades, until the gray trend took hold, beige is making a comeback in a big way this fall — straight up and by way of the hybrid hue ‘greige’, a mix of gray and beige that injects warmth into gray, and freshens and modernizes beige.

Here are a few tips and tricks to work this neutral into your home without it looking like the dated beige of yesteryear.

DO: Add an Accent Color

You’ll want to prevent your home from looking too bland, so work in small splashes of color, like timeless navy. Another option is to incorporate a monochromatic scheme like beige, white and black for a classic look. Try not to use warmer tones, such as reds, oranges and pinks, as they tend to look like a “hot spot.”

DON’T: Go Overboard

Just because a color is trending, does not mean you want to go crazy and cover your house in it. One safe way to use it is to make it an accent color. For instance, a soft white room with beige chairs, a table and linens create a timeless look.

DO: Try Before You Buy

While this may sound like something obvious, it’s best to test shades of beige before committing to one. While beiges can work in just about any room, the real challenge is finding the perfect shade to use. One way to narrow it down is to sample the colors big — the larger the better — and then view them against other elements in the room.

Whether you ultimately choose a greige shade or a true warm beige, there’s no disputing this neutral is back and guaranteed to warm up rooms of every style.

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