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The 9 Best Outdoor Hanging Plants for Spring

The 9 Best Outdoor Hanging Plants for Spring

Looking to add interest or some vibrant color to your front porch or patio this spring? Consider these selections of lush, low-maintenance greenery.


The key to a healthy jade plant is not overwatering it. Do a soil check every three days. Is it moderately dry? Then the plant is doing okay. Very dry? Water it. You’ll know when a jade plant isn’t receiving adequate water by its shedding leaves and brown spots.

Tassel Fern

A shade plant, tassel ferns should be hung in areas that never receive direct sunlight. They work great in multiples and are perfect for filling large spaces on porches or patios. Water them two or three times per week.

“Marble Queen” Pothos

Because of its ability to help clean indoor air and for it being a low-maintenance plant, the “Marble Queen” pothos is the most common houseplant around. They need very little water, just use a spray bottle to water the soil and leaves if it feels completely dry. You can let them dry out during the fall and winter months.

“Spiky Blue” Gray Hair Grass

Low maintenance and versatile, “Spiky Blue” is a bright green grass that softens homes with rigid lines or modern architecture via its soft texture. It thrives in containers and planted in the ground, and is also useful for injecting bold color to an outdoor space.

Medinilla Magnifica

If you’re looking for an alternative to tulips, this is it! Featuring green and pink hues and a striking similarity to the tulip, Medinilla is a perfect choice for spring. It grows best in areas with a lot of light (think the outer areas of a porch or patio) and prefers dry soil.

Eastern Hay-Scented Fern

Characterized by its similar scent to fresh-cut hay and yellow-green coloring, the Eastern Hay-Scented Fern is typically used by gardeners to fill voids in yards or flower beds because it is known to grow quickly. Because of this tendency for rapid growth, this plant is perfect for providing porches or patios with privacy from neighboring homes. It thrives in shade or partial sunlight.

Staghorn Fern

Unique and hardy, staghorn ferns are a favorite with designers and decorators because of their striking shape and ability to thrive on vertical surfaces. They do well in shaded or indoor spaces and handle humid environments beautifully. Water them two or three times per week, and fertilize once per month.


If you’re looking for a plant that does it all, consider begonias. They add color, texture and shape to a space; are easy to care for; and flourish inside and outside. For the best results, use rich, organic potting soil and put them in areas that don’t receive direct sunlight. Add fertilizer every six weeks. When it comes to watering, if the top inch of the soil is dry, they need water.

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