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Stylish Ways to Store More in Plain Sight

Stylish Ways to Store More in Plain Sight

Did you know that your storage, when done right, can look like decor? Storage doesn’t need to be stashed away. Here are a few stylish ideas to get you inspired.

Open Shelving

Gaining popularity, open shelving in the kitchen makes quick snacks and common ingredients easily accessible. But by choosing interesting containers and strategically arranging cookbooks and other accessory items, you can totally make your kitchen storage stylish. Hint: bright colored glass storage jars on white walls are a great way to make it pop!

Book Ledges

Display books all at once by displaying them flat on hanging book ledges. Perfect for a child’s room, the bold cover art brings cheer and the books are easily accessible to encourage engagement.


Bring a sense of order and beauty to storage by color-coding it. This is especially effective in closets or a mudroom where shoes, coats, bags and other wearables are on display.

Open Office Wall

A good way to inject color and fun into the office is to dedicate wall space to colorful open storage. When done effectively, the display is beautiful, and your eyes naturally travel to each box, shelf and hook looking at strategic pops of color. The perfect mix of decor and efficiency.

Hanging Pots and Pans

Turn your cookware into art by displaying them on the wall or above an island. It’s as simple as hanging metal bars and S hooks. Coordinating your cookware is especially eye catching. And as a bonus, it’s super handy having your pots and pans within reach!

Accessible Accessories

Wardrobe accessories are meant to be the fun part of fashion. What isn’t fun? Trying to sort through them when they are shut in a box, thrown in a drawer or hidden in a closet. Bring the fun back by displaying them decoratively with pegs for purses, open shelving for accessories, and hanging framed cork boards for pinned necklaces.

Storage-Smart Furniture

Whether it’s an ottoman for the living room with a lower shelf for decorative storage or a headboard in the bedroom with built-in open storage space, there are more choices than ever nowadays to buy storage-smart furniture that is both stylish and utilitarian.

Wall of Wine

Make your ever-changing wine collection a piece of art by displaying it all symmetrically on a wall. Switch out the bottles with new ones as they’re used, or keep the empty ones you love just for display. Functional and beautiful.

Curate Your Cosmetics

Cosmetics are another everyday item that gets lost in drawers and storage containers. Instead, find a vintage sterling silver tea set with a tray and use the creamer and sugar bowl for lipsticks, brushes, lotions and other beauty items. Show it off on a bathroom counter or vanity.

Novel Side Table

If your book collection has outgrown your shelving options, try stacking your larger books into a makeshift side table. Not only is it creative and fun, the books are still easily accessible and it’s a great conversation piece!

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