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Stylish Tween Bedroom Design Ideas

Stylish Tween Bedroom Design Ideas

Style your tween’s bedroom with these creative design ideas that include playful color and interesting details to satisfy both the child and teenager in them.

Element of Play

For those not yet completely grown, personal space still requires a playful element that walks the line between child-like and grown up. This element can be added through accessories, color, or furniture choice. One perfect addition to consider is a hanging chair. Fun and interesting, it makes a cozy spot to read, text with friends or just hang out.

Use Paint to Make a Statement

If you’re looking to score big style points without making a huge commitment, try using paint to dress up your tween’s room. It’s a great way to incorporate color, pattern and individuality. Plus, it’s versatile and easily changed when your tween is ready for something different. Get creative — stripes, polka dots, a bull’s-eye pattern, zig-zags — the sky’s the limit. Incorporate the colors used throughout the rest of the room’s design for a more cohesive look.

Shop Savvy

Because tween’s tastes and interests are continuously changing, it’s in your best interest to avoid investing in expensive decor for them. That’s where local thrift or antique shops come in handy. Not only will thrifting save money, you can find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to add to your child’s space, making it feel more special. Get your tween involved by making it an adventure — a treasure hunt to discover and refurbish your finds. It might actually pull them away from their phone for some memorable one-on-one time.

Dramatic Digs

Your tween will highly appreciate a room that is part sleeping sanctuary and part ultimate hangout. For that, you need the space to be sleepover-ready at a moment’s notice. Bunk beds are a solid option, as they make use of vertical space rather than taking up additional floor space.

In addition, a simplified color palette of three or four colors allows for versatility and drama. Try one that incorporates a subdued purple or blue with black, white and a metallic for a regal feel that allows for mixed patterns and textures.

Hobby Themed Room

If your tween has a hobby or strong interest, use that as inspiration for their room. For instance, if they are passionate about skateboarding, you could try hanging brightly colored skateboards as a unique art piece over a more contemporary style bed. This will serve to showcase their personality without being overly theme-based, as you might do with a younger child’s bedroom.

Play Around With Patterns

The fun part about youth is that you can have a lot of fun by experimenting with color and patterns. Start by choosing fresh, bright colors, and then mix in bold florals or geometric patterns. Go as bold as you want! But don’t forget to add in some solid fabrics to keep the whole look grounded.

Study Session

While fun is important, it’s also essential for your tween to have a comfortable, easily accessible space to tackle homework projects. With a unique arrangement of corkboard squares, some creative accent painting, and a stylish desk and chair, you can incorporate a dedicated study station in your tween’s room — without losing the fun. In fact, they might actually want to do their homework just to use the space! Consider open shelving for storing books, necessities and favorite momentos.

Urban Oasis

Let’s face it, most tweens love gadgets. So why not give them a hip, cool space full of the latest electronics. Modern styling with distressed-metal, sleek black, and customized artwork will turn any room — including a basement — into a cool hangout and bedroom retreat for your more sophisticated tween.

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