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Storage Solutions for Cluttered Cabinets

Storage Solutions for Cluttered Cabinets

An area often overlooked because you can simply hide any mess by closing the door, cabinets are infamous for clutter. Here are some practical storage solutions to transform your kitchen cupboards into an organizational oasis.

Over-the-door Organizer

If you’re unable to squeeze another item into your packed pantry and cabinets, it’s either time to do a thorough purge or reach for a solution a little outside the box. Consider using an over-the-door organizer to sort kitchen items like cooking utensils, snacks or whatever else makes sense for your space.

Basket Bliss

Invest in a few plastic bins to maximize and organize your cabinet space. To really make an impact with your efforts, label the baskets according to their contents.

Create More Shelf Space

Make the most out of your precious cupboard space by adding undershelf baskets. This will increase the cabinet’s capacity and will allow for more detailed organizing so that you can designate certain areas for specific groups of items.

Let’s Hear It For Labels

Within your cabinets, there are areas that get cluttered and confused faster than others, including spice racks. The solution? Uniform, clearly labeled jars for your spices. This will help you organize them while creating a clean and beautiful cabinet space.

Back Door Plan

One of the secrets to a more organized work space is appreciating often forgotten areas like the back of the cabinet door. By simply attaching a couple pieces of cork board to the inside of a cabinet door, you can find a home for your recipes and measurement conversions and other important papers. Install a metal bar and S-hooks and you have the perfect place to hang your measuring cups and spoons for easy access.

Similarly, chalkboard vinyl or paint on the inside of a cupboard door can serve as family or personal message boards, saving you pads of sticky notes and scattered papers.

Stack ‘Em Up!

Cake stands are awkward serving pieces that don’t get used daily. Consider putting them to work for you as a two-tiered storage system. Simply put them on a shelf and sit small items like ramekins and sauce dishes on top and underneath.

Hanging Snacks

There are a few different ways to do this, but the idea is the same. Instead of taking up valuable shelf space with a bunch of unruly and hard to store snack bags, like chips, fruit snacks and so on, hang them out of the way! For instance, you can clip them to existing wire shelving, or create and mount your own snack hanger by taking a flat piece of wood and adding curtain hooks, clips or other hardware.

Tame the Storage Container Chaos

We all have that one cabinet or drawer that is dedicated to plasticware. You know, the one where you have to pull everything out of it every time you need a container? The one where you can never find matching lids? Well, by customizing your shelves a wee bit to hold the containers and employing a simple peg system for the lids, you can organize your plastic ware by size and type for an easy storage solution. You’ll be the talk of the town for sure!

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