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If window replacements for your home are on this year’s agenda, you might want to consider scheduling a springtime installation. It really is the perfect time and here are all the reasons why:

1.    The Beauty of Spring

Quite simply, if your windows don’t open properly, it’s hard to let in fresh, healing spring air to clear out those stale pollutants that accumulated in your house all winter. And if your windows are dimmed by years of moisture damage, it makes it awfully hard to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space as the lawn and garden start coming back to life.

2.    Milder Temperatures

Although we do our best to minimize unconditioned air entering your home, it’s a lot easier to prevent discomfort when the air outside isn’t too hot or too cold. The bigger your window project, the better off you’ll be getting the project done in springtime’s moderate temperatures.

3.    Longer Days

The longer daytime hours of spring and summer can make your project shorter. The longer our experts are able to work each day, the less they have to set up and break things down at the beginning and end of each day, thereby shortening your installation.

4.    Better Caulk Adhesion

The ideal temperature to apply caulk is 60 degrees, which coincides perfectly with spring temperatures. While caulking can be done in hot or cold temperatures, it is much more difficult. A spring install actually helps maintain the weathertight seal of your new windows and prevent cracking or splitting.

Are there any downsides to a spring installation? Just one! Most homeowners get their windows installed at this time and our calendar fills up quickly. Be sure to schedule your window replacement as early as possible. The earlier you schedule, the less wait time you’ll have. Sign up for your free in-house estimate and get your spring project started today!

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