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Sharp Ideas for Decorating with Cacti

Sharp Ideas for Decorating with Cacti

Featuring unusual shapes and bright flowers, cacti are just plain cool — especially in home decor where you can get the look without their prickly spikes. No longer limited to the desert, cacti has become the latest home decor trend. Use these ideas to incorporate its motif into art, accents, wallpaper and textiles.

Patterned Wallpaper

Bring eye-catching interest to your small space with vibrant cactus wallpaper. It works well as an accent in a child’s playroom, and brings life to the walls of a compact powder room. There are many unique designs on the market, including more fanciful versions, artistic-inspired ones, and even hyper-realistic variations.

Festive Garland

Nothing says fiesta like a chic cactus garland. Pre-made versions are available, or you can create your own by simply cutting out cactus shapes from paper or foam and punching holes in each piece to thread a colorful ribbon through. Hang your garland along a staircase, above the mantle, or against deck railings and you’ll be party-ready in no time.

Crisp and White

The best part about decorating with cactus shapes and prints rather than actual plants is that you are able to take creative liberties with color. Take white for instance. Although not found in nature, white cactus accents are the perfect accessories for a hallway console, kitchen windowsill, guest bedroom nightstand, or desk. For an easy and effective eye-catcher, try pairing them with wall art and books.

Picture Perfect

Maximize the beauty of cacti through black-and-white photography. Frame a large cactus print for a dazzling piece that makes a perfect focal point in an entryway. Pair its monochromatic color scheme with a warm wood frame and it will pop against a white shiplap background. Incorporate other neutral accents, like wood furniture pieces or stacks of books, to further enhance the space.

Warm Welcome

Greet your guests at the door with a cute cactus doormat. Easy to DIY, a plain welcome mat becomes an instant charmer with the addition of cactus shapes. Simply use cactus-shaped stamps made from foam and a bit of black paint, or cut out a stencil.

Old School Cross-stitch

It’s official, cross-stitch is making a comeback. Jump on this trend with a colorful cactus embroidery. Gather a group of them and hang the collection in a bedroom, kitchen or as part of a gallery wall. Pick up premade versions in craft shops or get your creative juices flowing by making your own design.

Kitchen Accessories

Put together a Southwestern-themed kitchen with cute cactus kitchen accessories. Available on basic pieces like trays, glassware and towels, the cactus motif pairs well with other desert wildlife imagery. You can either use your serving pieces for entertaining in style, or keep it on display all summer long.

Prints that Pop

Graphic cactus prints are a fun addition to a child’s bedroom. Vibrant and whimsical, consider pairing them with other desert-themed images and accessories like garland, pillows and toys. For an older child, consider finding more mature-looking prints in bold hues, abstract colors, or black and white.

Non-Prickly Pillow

Available in just about any color, cozy cactus pillows might be the only cacti safe to cuddle. Consider adding a bold black-and-white cactus-print pillow to ground an otherwise cheery bedroom color scheme. You can find fun cactus-shaped throw pillows, as well as ones in standard shapes and sizes featuring a cactus motif.

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