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Shared Bedroom Hacks to Keep the Peace

Shared Bedroom Hacks to Keep the Peace

Use these decor tips to keep the peace — in style! From storage solutions, color schemes and room organization, you’ll be sure to make everyone happy.

Simplify the Space for a Calm Atmosphere

Solve a lot of problems before they even start by keeping decor and belongings simple and orderly. After all, a cluttered, overstuffed room contributes to an atmosphere full of tension. To this end, ensure that every toy or piece of clothing brought into the room has a home. Once that is established, every time an additional item is brought in , one must go out to make room.

Every season, go through and filter out anything that no longer fits, no longer is played with, or that is damaged or broken beyond repair. The more simplified your system, the less arguments that will ensue.

Use Storage & Organization Techniques for a Tidy Space

A well-organized and easy-to-clean space is a lifesaver when it comes to kids getting along. It eliminates fights about cleaning up and whose toys go whexare. You can’t put a price on that! For optimized organization, try creating zones for belongings like clothes, shoes, books and toys. This will keep everything in its place and nip the fighting before it starts.

Color Code Each Child’s Area

Good communication alleviates confusion and again, eliminates fighting. A simple solution is to color code everything. Assign a color to each child’s belongings and there will never be a question as to who is the owner. This simple tip makes clean-up time a cinch, but also clarifies things in case items are borrowed without permission.

Allow for Personalization

They may share a room, but that doesn’t mean they have to give up their creative identity. Let each child choose their own colors for the items in the room, and pick their comforter and other decor. You can then use additional decorative items to tie the colors together for a cohesive space that makes everyone happy.

Create Individual Spaces with a Barrier

As children get older, many fights begin with one child being on the “wrong side” of the room. By defining each child’s personal space with a divider, you allow them to have an area to call their own — where they don’t have to share anything. Dividers can be anything from a curtain to a bookshelf or desk. Even a simple screen works to create boundaries.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Stack up those beds and make some room for activities! Bunk beds or trundles allow you to use the vertical space in the room and keep things from piling up on the floor and under beds. Easy to build or buy, there are many bunk beds to choose from — including ones with storage space underneath and on the sides. In addition, another great option are lofted beds, which allow for play space, desks or built-ins underneath. They can also be handy if your child has a friend sleep over. Putting a trundle underneath the bed removes the likelihood of space being filled with stuff that doesn’t belong there.

Go Head-to-Head

If bunk beds don’t work for you, pushing the beds together head-to-head against a wall is a simple way to create more livable space in a room. You can also join the two beds with a small desk, table, or bookcase. If you need ways to add more storage to a small room, consider using a dresser to join the two beds, and let it pull double duty as a nightstand with matching lamps.

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