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Rustic Window Treatment Ideas

Rustic Window Treatment Ideas

Whether for a farmhouse-style home or a cabin, these rustic window treatment ideas explore classic fabrics like burlap, gingham and plaid, as well as reclaimed wood valances or shutters.

Full-Length Barn Door Shutters

The ultimate in farmhouse window treatments, floor-to-ceiling barn door shutters can provide a neutral backdrop for a cozy space. By keeping the color scheme light, you’ll prevent the oversized shutters from weighing down the room.

Gingham Curtains

Gingham has come a long way since the picnic table red and white. In fact, this heartwarming checkered pattern is now available in a range of colors, including neutrals like gray, and nontraditional colors like navy and purple.

Rustic Wood Valance

Sometimes, no curtains are the best curtains. Instead, a simple, inexpensive plank of wood can be used as a valance. For a more farmhouse look, use distressed or reclaimed boards.

Plaid Curtains

A staple of rustic window treatments, plaid curtains are dependable and withstand the test of time. Give them a modern update in navy or black buffalo check and they will easily coordinate with other colors. For a more cohesive look, use the fabric elsewhere around the room, such as a throw pillow or upholstered cushion.

Woven Roman Shade

Choose simple woven fabrics for a modern window treatment that still contains a rustic feel. Beautiful in any space, consider Roman shades made of natural materials, like jute, bamboo, or sisal. As a bonus, they’re more environmentally friendly than similar synthetic or plastic versions.

Rustic Burlap Curtains

There’s nothing better than old-fashioned burlap curtains. You can make your own out of plain burlap fabric, or even better, use printed grain, coffee or feed sacks.

White Linen Curtains

For a simple choice that makes a huge impact, consider gauzy linen curtains. Floor-length white curtains give windows elegance and drama. Pair them with iron curtain rods and holdbacks for a striking look.

Burlap Cafe Curtains

Since a common spot for cafe curtains is over a dining booth or banquette, try getting that old-time restaurant look with rustic burlap curtains hung cafe-style. All you’ll need to perfect the farmhouse atmosphere is a hearty homestyle meal.

Floral Roman Shade

For a more modern rustic window treatment, a dark floral pattern with oversized flowers is the perfect choice. It makes a statement without feeling too kitschy. Opt for a window treatment with a bold color that can be repeated as an accent.

Floor-Length Striped Curtains

Timeless and flexible enough to suit a variety of styles, you simply can’t go wrong with striped curtains. Much like florals, gingham and plaid, an oversized pattern brings the print up to date.

Rustic Cottage Wood Shutters

Because of the privacy they provide, cottage shutters work great in bathrooms. Top them with a wood valance for an even more rustic effect. The shutters can either be stationary, or hinged to allow light in. Either way, be sure the wood is treated with a moisture-resistant sealer to prevent warping and rot.

Lace Balloon Shade

Truly shabby chic, a ruffled lace balloon shade is dainty and classic — perfect for a delicate kitchen or bathroom window treatment. Though new versions are readily available, you might be able to find a vintage lace curtain at a resale shop.

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