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Reimagine Flea Market Finds With These Amazing Decorative Ideas

Reimagine Flea Market Finds With These Amazing Decorative Ideas

Hit the flea market for some vintage treasures, then use these decorating ideas to give them new life. Turn antique scores into fab decor!

Time for Tea

Turn cute vintage teacups, eggcups, and pitchers into pretty succulent planters. To prevent the plants from getting too waterlogged, use a quick-dry cactus potting mix. For a gorgeous display, try stacking cake stands to form a tower and arrange your succulents on the tiers.

Swings and Things

Give a retired porch swing a new life by turning it into a different kind of seat. Take off the chains and build a base out of pine boards that matches the swing’s dimensions. Then, attach furniture legs to the base with screws, and place the swing on top, securing it with L brackets. Paint the newly-built seat according to your personal style preference.

Pretty Pillows

Reimagine vintage flour sacks and tea towels as pillows. Simply sew the textiles together, leaving one side open. Insert a pillow and sew the rest of the pillowcase closed. Voila! Unique, eye-catching, and super retro.

Time for a Change

Vintage clocks and timepieces make incredible homes for houseplants. Simply cut away a section in the top of the clock with a jigsaw so there is space for planting. Then, place a plastic pot inside for the plant. Last, showcase your flourishing flea market find by mounting it on the wall, or placing it on a table or shelf.

Rake It Up

Take a vintage wood rake and use it to hang accessories in a bedroom or entryway. Just cut off part of the handle (try leaving about 10 inches above the highest metal supports), sand, and mount on a wall with the rake teeth facing out. To hang, use two metal monkey hooks spaced about 1-1/2 inches apart. Simply rest a row of the rake’s metal supports on the hooks.

Recipe for Success

Here’s a great idea for putting old wooden bowls and vintage breadboards to good use: Put them together to create a rustic planter. If you have access to a chop saw or miter saw, simply cut the wood bowl in half and glue the halves to the breadboard with a waterproof adhesive. Since some old breadboards have surfaces that are uneven, check for any gaps in the glue after it has dried completely, and fill with more glue as needed. Once dry, hang your new planter and add air plants or succulents.

Whoa Nellie

Use a vintage horse harness to corral a group of framed pictures on the wall. Mount the harness using a single robe hook screwed into the wall (use wall anchors for added strength). Then, connect two large picture frames to the harness’s leather straps with twine, so it looks as though the frames are hanging from the harness. But really, the frames will be secured to the wall with picture hanging strips. Once the harness and the two large frames are hung, fill in the surrounding open wall space with smaller framed pictures.

Sifter Shelf

Give your bathroom (or any room) some stylish storage by creating a unique shelving unit out of an antique grain sifter. Simply cut two poplar boards to fit inside as shelves. (You may have to angle the ends so that the boards fit flush against the inside edges of the sifter.) Next, drill holes into the ends of each board and attach the boards to the sifter with drywall screws. For a worn, vintage-looking finish, use a combination of gray and brown stains on the shelves.

Butter Churn Bookends

Make yourself a rustic bookend by mounting an antique butter churn on reclaimed wood. Begin by taking the lid of the churn off of its glass jar. Then, using a rotary tool with a metal-cutting blade, remove the metal dowel and attached wood paddle piece by cutting about 2 inches below where they meet the lid. The paddle can then be discarded and the jar repurposed. From here, all you need to do is drill a 1/4-inch hole into the center of a piece of reclaimed wood, add a bit of glue, and slip the top of the churn in place.

Ice Tong Towel Holder

A clever kitchen or bath towel holder can be crafted from a pair of vintage ice tongs and a piece of wood dowel. Using a 1×8-inch piece of dowel, drill 3/8-inch holes about 3/4-inch deep into each end. Next, fill the holes with epoxy and slip the prongs of the ice tongs inside. To hold the tips of the tongs tightly against the dowel as it dries overnight, consider wrapping a rubber band around the pivot point. Once the epoxy is set, stain the dowel and hang the towel holder from a nail.

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