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Practical Storage Solution Ideas Taken From Popular Laundry Room Designs

Practical Storage Solution Ideas Taken From Popular Laundry Room Designs

Laundry rooms aren’t always actual “rooms” — many times they are nothing more than niches or other small converted spaces. Here are some creative storage solutions to maximize function in these tricky areas.

Shelving to Fit Laundry Baskets

Maximize function in your compact laundry room by integrating open shelving particularly sized to fit standard laundry baskets.

Countertops Above the Washer and Dryer

For those with front loading washers and dryers, one of the biggest benefits is being able to add a counter over the top of them for sorting and folding laundry, or stashing laundry baskets. This is especially convenient in smaller spaces where there may not be extra room available for a separate countertop.

Natural Lighting

Having natural light in your laundry room is so important for both practical and aesthetic reasons. When planning a laundry room renovation, be sure to include natural light whenever possible. If your laundry room area is lacking exterior walls for a window, consider incorporating a skylight or solar tube instead.

Task Lighting

In addition to natural lighting, your laundry space will also need ample artificial light. For the best results, layering ambient and task lighting is the way to go. For instance, consider a combination of ceiling lights and undercabinet lighting or spot lights to fully illuminate the countertops. That way it’s easy to spot stains or read laundering instruction tags.

Combo Mudroom and Laundry Room

For active households that see a lot of muddy clothes like sports uniforms, a convenient setup that might work for you is a combination laundry area and mudroom. Dirty clothes don’t even have to make it past this space and into the rest of the house at all — just take them off on the spot and throw them straight into the wash. Cabinets can be used to stow dirty shoes and equipment.

Utility Sink

From soaking stained clothing to handwashing delicates, a deep utility sink is a great benefit to a laundry room. It’s also handy for other various household tasks, such as scrubbing down toys or even washing the family pet. For added function to your space, pair the utility sink with a hanging rod, open shelves and a rolling hamper.

Clothing Rods

While any old hanging rod is a convenient and practical solution to air-dry clothes in your laundry area, consider choosing a rod with a finish that coordinates with the rest of the space. For example, for a laundry room featuring brass fixtures and cabinet hardware, consider a brass clothing rod.

Skirting Around Machines

If your laundry room is located in a shared space with other functions, consider camouflaging the washer and dryer by skirting them in a pretty fabric so that they can be out of sight when you’re engaged in other activities.

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