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Planning a Renovation? Here are 5 Things You Must Know

Planning a Renovation? Here are 5 Things You Must Know

Even if you’ve weathered past renovations, every new project brings its own unique twists and turns. Here are five must-know tips that will help ease your next home renovation experience.

1. A Key Lockbox Saves Time and Money

If you’re renovating before you move into your home, this is essential. It’s no secret that contractors start early in the morning. Instead of having to get up before dawn, fight traffic and waste time and gas to let them into the house, a key lockbox allows them access without the hassle.

2. Spend Time in the Space You’re Renovating

This may seem obvious, but it’s nearly impossible to make design decisions until you get a feel for what the space needs. By spending time assessing the space in the beginning, you can save yourself valuable time and energy spent revamping design plans on the fly.

Many new homeowners start a renovation with a complete design idea and then change things as the project moves forward based on the actual reality of the space. For instance, they might realize carpeting choices need changed once paint colors are on the walls. Then once the paint is up and the carpeting is in place, it might impact lighting decisions. Fixtures they thought would work simply don’t once they spend time in the house.

3. Create a Realistic Timeline

In general, your renovation project will take longer than expected. Period. So it’s in your best interest to be ready for it and make accommodations to avoid frustration. You never know what complications you’ll run into — from removal of the old to locating replacements to installation of the new. One week can easily turn into six. Be prepared!

4. Expect the Unexpected

Any time you start a renovation, you’re going to be exposing your home’s secrets — whether in the walls, under the floors, or anywhere. The result? What was thought to be a simple project ends up being something much more complex. For instance, when installing new flooring you may discover unevenness, which leads to having the structure underneath checked and repaired before you can move forward on the original project of installing new flooring.

5. Interview Multiple Contractors

This is very important and can save you thousands of dollars, depending on the renovation. Oftentimes, different contractors approach the same project quite differently. Therefore, pricing and estimated timelines can vary dramatically. It definitely pays to do your homework and talk to several experts before making a final decision so that you find the best fit for your specific needs.

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