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Organize Your Family By Creating a Home Command Center

Organize Your Family By Creating a Home Command Center

What exactly is a home command center? It can be a spot for sorting mail or hosting a message board for reminders, it can act as a dropzone near the door, or be a storage area for office supplies. In short, it’s a catch-all space to keep your family organized and on the same page.

That’s exactly why it’s important for your command center to be customized to address your family’s specific needs. Here are a few clever ideas to help you come up with a functional space that works for your home.

Get the Most Out of Your Mudroom

By adding a few storage solutions to your mudroom or entryway walls, this space can easily be transformed into an efficient and hardworking command center. For example, add a large bulletin board to a wall near the door and it can store your calendar, reminders, artwork and other paper items. Or consider using wall-mounted wire baskets (with labels, of course) to keep important papers handy and at eye-level. A clock helps family members stay on track.

Make Use of Small Walls

Most of us have at least one small, centrally-located wall in our home that doesn’t really serve much purpose. Well, put it to work! Small walls are ideal for creating a family command center. Just add a few easy updates, like a set of wall hooks to make keys and leashes easy to grab on your way out the door, or a magnetic board or bulletin board to hang important photos, invitations or mail. Or, if you have the room, consider applying dry-erase wallpaper to create a surface for leaving notes and reminders.

Think Outside the Entryway

Your command center does not have to be situated right next to an entry door. You might find that a corner of your dining room or family room is a better fit for your home. If that’s the case, a simple cabinet and floating shelves can go a long way to creating a clever storage hub. Other smart additions are a file sorter to organize paperwork and a charging station to manage cords. If you need the space to be used as a mail sorting and bill paying station, make sure to keep your countertops clear for that purpose. The cabinet cupboards and drawers are a great place for stashing office supplies and craft items, while a dry-erase board helps with family notes and reminders.

Put Tight Corners to Work

Scour your home for an unused corner to turn into a space-savvy command center. For instance, if your home only allows for a tight, one-wall storage solution, try hanging a vertical filing system to hold mail, homework, catalogs, and bills. Make sure each section is clearly labeled and contains folders to help keep things organized by purpose. A small corkboard is another handy solution and can be used for posting reminders or notes.

Make Room Behind the Door

When designing a command center in a small entryway, every spare inch makes a difference — including the area behind the door. If you find that you’re short on wall space, consider hanging a chalkboard or magnetic dry-erase board for posting notes and reminders behind the door. That way it can easily be seen on the way out. Maximize your vertical space further by using a wall-mounted organizer combined with file boxes for keeping paperwork organized and out of sight. Also, consider mounting large bulldog clips on the wall to keep your more urgent papers handy.

Hide It in a Cabinet

If streamlined is more your style, try hiding your family command center inside a buffet or cabinet. Not only will this save wall space, it keeps unsightly papers from cluttering up your home. Simply stack drawers or bins inside the cabinet to hold paperwork and school projects. Clearly label them with stick-on letters so that each family member has their own designated spot. Use magnetic strips on the inside of the cabinet doors to hold notes and memos.

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