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Mudroom Storage and Decorating Tips for Winter

Mudroom Storage and Decorating Tips for Winter

Winter means colder weather, which means wet boots and bulky winter gear. Don’t let the cold turn your mudroom into a chaotic mess! Use these tips to keep your entry room organized and efficient.

Design With Kids in Mind

If you have kids, consider how they will use the space before designing it. For example, most kids do better with open spaces with hooks, because let’s face it, they aren’t as likely to open a closet door and pull out a hanger to hang their coat. Low-hanging hooks are easily accessible and visually remind kids to hang their coats and bags. Plus, the open space below is the perfect place for them to line up their shoes.

Always Have a Bench

Most mudrooms are narrow walk-through spaces without much extra room. However, if at all possible, there is one item that is a must-have in every mudroom — a bench. By all means, make room for a shallow bench area, where boots can be taken off or you can set down a shopping bag or purse. The bench seating should be open to the floor, so that shoes can be tucked underneath.

Bring on the Cubbies

For an easy, organized, clean aesthetic, open lockers with individual cubbies for family members are a great solution. Make sure each has a couple hooks for the grab-and-go stuff, and the rest is up to you! You can choose open shelving or cabinets above and/or below, storage baskets or not. Regardless of what you choose, there are many stylish and efficient options on the market to make your mudroom exactly how you want it.

Durability is Key

As the workhorse of the home, mudroom design should include products that are resistant to dirt and messes, as well as those that won’t stain and are easy to clean. After all, it’s going to see a lot of day-to-day foot traffic from wet boots, sports cleats and paw prints. For flooring, consider ceramic or porcelain tiles that are durable and easy to sweep or mop clean. To lock in a bit of glamour while also being utilitarian, consider hidden storage to keep the clutter out of sight.

Determine Functionality

Similar to choosing the function of a spare room, the mudroom should also have an ultimate purpose. Consider making a list of all that you plan on storing in the mudroom, as well as how you want it to look and flow with the rest of the house. For instance, will your mudroom be used as a utility entrance for family or as the primary entrance for the home? A primary entrance would need to maintain a neater, more elegant appearance, so that should be taken into account when designing the space. Also, will the space have different uses in different seasons, such as storing towels and pool toys in the summer, and boots and ice skates in winter? If so, the mudroom must be designed to accommodate that.

On the flip side, your mudroom doesn’t necessarily have to be this huge storage unit with shelves, cubbies and drawers. It should be based entirely on your specific needs. So if a small family with teens only requires a small bench and hooks for hanging coats, then that is all they should include.

Closed off Mudroom

For those that aren’t interested in having a guest-ready space at all times, a closed-off mudroom is the perfect option. Simply plan your mudroom just off the entryway or kitchen, with traditional features like shelves, hooks and drawers, but keep everything stylishly concealed with a statement sliding door.

Go Vertical

Because mudrooms are usually small in square footage, it’s important to make the most of the space by going vertical. Add shelves for easy access to bins and baskets, which hold small items like hats, gloves and scarves. Utilize hooks, cupboards and bench seating to keep your mudroom tidy and organized. Storage is key!

Make it Pet-Friendly

If you share your home with pets, incorporating their belongings into the mudroom is a logical idea. Consider planning a space to house food and water dishes, store food, toys, accessories, dog crates or litter boxes. If your space is large enough for a utility sink, you can even use it for baths or cleaning muddy paws.

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