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Make a Painted Arch Accent Wall for Added Character in Any Room

Make a Painted Arch Accent Wall for Added Character in Any Room

With just a handful of basic items, you can turn a blank wall into something spectacular. We’ll tell you how, step by step.

Taking a cue from social media, who has become a go-to source for DIY decorating ideas, we’re going to explain the latest trending home improvement project making the rounds — creating a gorgeous arched accent wall with just a pencil, string, a tape measure, painters tape, and leftover paint.

Simple and inexpensive, this paint treatment brings an instant sense of architecture to the wall without any actual remodeling work being done. In addition, the contrasting color of the arch creates an illusion of depth, successfully transforming your blank wall into a distinct accent feature. Consider using a painted arch to showcase a piece of furniture, frame wall decor with a pop of color, or just to add some character to an otherwise boring wall. Because this project only needs a small amount of paint, creating a wall arch is a great way to make use of any leftover interior paint from past projects.

While an online search will bring up videos demonstrating how to ensure clean paint lines and a smooth arch shape, the trick is to use a length of string to guide you as you trace the arch beforehand. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Attach one end of a piece of string to the wall at the midpoint of your circle and the other end to your pencil — either secure it to the wall with tape or by tying it to a nail. The length of the string will determine how big the arch is, so the string’s length should be half of the desired width of your arch. Then, simply pull the string taut as you trace the rounded arch shape on the wall.
  • After the top part has been drawn, extend both ends of the arch in a straight line down to the baseboard using your measuring tape. Apply painters tape along the lines to prevent bleeding when you paint.
  • Begin painting the arch using a small brush around the arched edges. Then, grab a paint roller to fill in the middle and lower sections. Once you’ve applied one coat to the arch, let it dry completely before going over it again with a second coat.
  • Once dry, remove the painters tape and touch up the edges for a sharp, clean line.

If you’ve been wanting to experiment with bold color in your space but just weren’t sure how to do it, a painted wall arch is a great option. Consider trying this project with a more saturated shade you love, such as deep navy, forest green or rich terra-cotta. You could also choose to go for a more subtle look by picking colors just a few shades lighter or darker than your existing wall color, such as a beige arch on a white wall.

No matter what color you choose, take heart knowing that it isn’t permanent. If you end up hating the finished product, you can simply paint over it!

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