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Major Upgrades to Get Your Unsellable House Sold

Major Upgrades to Get Your Unsellable House Sold

Set your home apart from every other house on the market with one or more of these top upgrade ideas. After all, no one wants a home that just sits.

It’s All About the First Impression

First impressions are powerful — people start developing opinions and making decisions almost immediately — so make upping your curb appeal game a central part of getting your home sold. Simple tweaks to your landscaping can go a long way, such as freshening up your mulch, pulling weeds, cutting back overgrown plants, and adding in new flowers and potted plants where needed.

Colorful Greeting

Easy and inexpensive, adding a pop of color to your front door with a fresh coat of paint will establish curb appeal and allow your home to stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

Kitchen Packs a Powerful Punch

While it may seem like a big investment, especially when you’re trying to sell your house, if you must choose one area to spend money, go for the kitchen. As one of the most important factors for buyers, an upgraded and modernized kitchen will give the most bang for the buck.

Wonderful White

It’s all about showing off your house in its best hue, which popular neutrals like beige and grey don’t always do. Much more effective is to lighten, brighten and animate your home with brilliant whites. White opens the home up and provides a clean slate to take the home in whichever direction best suits your market.

Lighter Tiles

Taking things beyond lighter paint colors, consider updating your tile with brighter choices for a bigger feel and more polished look. You can’t go wrong with classic white subway tiles — they are timeless and never go out of style.

Sparkling Bathrooms

Whether your home sells or not often comes down to two spaces: the kitchen and the bathroom. Once you’ve addressed the kitchen, focus your attention on the bathrooms.

For a project that can completely take a bathroom from outdated to current and new, consider a freshly tiled floor, tub or shower surround. Another more cost-effective update is the addition of a new vanity. Keep in mind that buyers prefer practicality and lots of room. Swapping out old light fixtures and mirrors for new ones are also simple and less pricey updates that have a big impact on how modern your bathroom comes off.

Highlight Hardwood Floors

If you have beautiful hardwood floors hiding under rugs and carpet, it’s time to ditch the rugs and highlight those bare floors for all they’re worth. Hardwood floors are a hot feature and will surely help sell your home.

Style Outdoor Living Spaces

Homebuyers love outdoor living space, so be sure to highlight yours. Set up a friendly grouping of chairs around an inviting fire pit or create a cozy outdoor dining spot so that potential buyers can imagine themselves relaxing, entertaining or just hanging out in the space.

No Projects

Nothing is more of a turnoff for buyers than walking into a home that yells “Project!” Finish every area of your home so that it is move-in ready.

Focus on the Fireplace

With more than 75 percent of homebuyers seeking out a new home with a fireplace in the family room, having one is a huge plus. That’s why if you’re fortunate enough to have one, you should highlight it. For example, a simple whitewash is a great way to soften and modernize the look of dark bricks, while creating a nice contrast with any wood details.

Less is More

One of the more difficult suggestions, this one will require you to step outside of your home and look at it as if you are a potential buyer. Walk through your home and give it an unbiased evaluation. From there, decide what changes you can make to show off your home in its best light — even if that means packing up a portion of your belongings to reduce clutter, or reconfiguring your home in a way that isn’t the best suited for your family’s lifestyle.

Pet Odors

Sometimes our beloved pets do damage to our homes — especially when it comes to entrenched pet odors. This all must be dealt with when selling a home. For example, if your pets had the run of a specific room, floors may need to be replaced to truly remove animal smells.

In addition to eliminating unpleasant odors, consider using simple scents to help sell your home. Cinnamon and citrus have proven especially effective in increasing people’s purchases.

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