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Landscaping Design Ideas for a Gorgeous No-Mow Yard

Landscaping Design Ideas for a Gorgeous No-Mow Yard

Tired of mowing grass? Use these design ideas to incorporate welcoming grass-free spaces into your outdoor landscape.

Take Out Your Turf

Make mowing a memory by pulling up your turf and putting in a large patio for lounging and festive get-togethers. Add in other elements to fill out the space, such as a garden path, flowerbeds and a fountain. If you have any remaining small pieces of lawn in the end, don’t fret. Just trade in your riding mower for a push mower and you can trim them down in a snap.

Carve Out a Slope

Mowing is an even bigger chore in backyards with a slope. Consider carving out that sloping terrain for a sunken brick patio. A stone retaining wall will stabilize the slope in addition to providing extra seats for guests.

Paving Stone Patio

If you have lawn space filled with weeds, try converting it by configuring irregular paving stones, like puzzle pieces, into a beautiful patio area. To drive away any weeds that try to fill the stone gaps, put in hardy creeping plants like thyme and Corsican mint to fill the spaces. They’ll be able to withstand light foot traffic in addition to adding a fresh fragrance to your new outdoor space.

Widen a Walkway

If your yard already has an existing garden path, consider expanding its size to minimize lawn chores and increase living space. For example, a flagstone path connecting the back of the house with another outdoor feature can be doubled or tripled in width to create an inviting, relaxing area that is low-maintenance. Incorporating a few attractive container gardens and a bench for sitting makes a nice addition.

Go Big

When putting in a deck or patio, don’t hold back. The bigger it is, the more options you’ll end up with. Not only will you have less lawn to deal with, you’ll also be able to include more extras like comfy, jumbo-size furniture.

If your existing yard is made up of uneven or wet ground, consider building a raised deck over the area for a dry, stable and low-maintenance fix. The benefits? No mowing or weeding and a lot more time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

Don’t Mow — Swim!

Even if your back yard space is small, it can be made to feel like a high-end resort. Tear up that small patch of lawn and put in a small, irregular-shaped, in-ground pool instead. Tie it into other outdoor entertainment areas you may have, such as eating space or lounge space. It will quickly become the centerpiece of your outdoor get-away.

Put the Entire Space to Work

When designing an attractive mow-free landscape, the key is putting every square foot of the space to work. The ultimate goal is to create an easy-care environment that is layered, beautiful and inviting. For example, anchoring one end of a small yard with a deck and filling in the rest of the space with an attractive mix of pavers and river rock can work together to build a relaxing environment that is natural and low-maintenance. Incorporating sculpted evergreens and trees will help round out the vision and add privacy and shade.

Consider the Seasons

The less lawn you have to care for directly impacts the amount of time you have to be out enjoying the outdoors. That’s why you must think about the seasons as you plan your grass-free backyard. If you want to enjoy your yard well into the fall, be sure to choose plants for your landscape that will provide vivid autumn color as well as a way to warm chilly nights, such as a fire pit.

Plant a Veggie Garden

Another way to put your backyard to work is to swap out your high-maintenance lawn with a pretty garden that will produce food. The best part is that you can fit a lush garden in just about any type of space, from long and narrow to odd-shaped and awkward. Add colorful crops like lettuce, beans, and kale to provide visual interest.

Go Natural

Rather than having a sculpted and perfectly manicured outdoor space, take a hint from Mother Nature and take a walk on the wild side. Pull together native wildflowers, shrubs and stone to design a natural-looking landscape. Incorporate mixed beds of ground-covering plants and throw in a water feature. The upkeep is negligible and the result is a gorgeous environment that looks like it came up naturally.

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