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Inexpensive & Festive Fall Mantel Ideas

Inexpensive & Festive Fall Mantel Ideas

You don’t have to break the bank to usher autumn into your home, and these fabulous fall mantel decorating ideas prove it. Whether you prefer a modern take or more traditional, we’ve got you covered.

Fresh Whites

There is no law that says fall has to be all about warm colors. Arrange white and gold pumpkins across your mantel with touches of greenery for a perfect autumnal presentation. Find or make a simple fall banner, garland or other seasonal art to hang above it and you’re all set.

Keep It Simple

If you’re not one for storing a bunch of fall decor for the remainder of the year that it isn’t in use, consider decor that can be recycled or composted at the end of the season. Pick out some small pumpkins and gourds at your local grocery store or farmers market and line them up on your mantel for a nice fall touch. When paired with a framed autumn-themed saying or piece of art on the ledge behind them, you’ve got the perfect seasonal display. Plus, this idea works for every season and occasion! Simply swap out the framed art.

Shop Your House

Pumpkins are the perfect fall decor solution because they can be used from September through Thanksgiving. For those looking to add more fall colors, but not really into purchasing anything new, consider shopping your house. Pull items throughout your home that bring the color or vibe you’re looking for and create your own special autumn display.

Supplemented Charm

When decorating your mantel for fall, you don’t necessarily have to switch out all the items that are normally housed there. Instead, consider supplementing with greenery, twigs and a pitcher filled with sunflowers. If you have framed artwork, try swapping it out with a fall-themed print. Add a few mini pumpkins to complete the look.

Make a Statement

Go bold! Don’t shy away from making a statement with your autumn mantel. Consider making a large print or painting the centerpiece. Then add some greenery and other smaller items to the mantel to bring everything together.

Natural Colors

If your go-to mantel decorating ideas tend to be monochromatic, try adding some autumnal pops of color this time by incorporating faux fall leaves, wheat and other greenery.

Tried and True

Fall wreaths aren’t only for doors! Either purchase or make your own fall-themed grapevine wreath and hang it above your mental for a gorgeous textured fall decoration. Create a more traditional fall mantel display with classics like pumpkins, leaves and an acorn garland. Add a pair of empty picture frames and LED pillar candles for visual interest.

Go Plaid

Transform inexpensive glass vases into fun fall-themed decor by wrapping them with plaid fabric and old belts. Fill the vases with berry branches, dried hydrangeas and small pumpkins. Round out the look by adding gourds and faux leaves to the display. You can also place a wicker basket with carefully arranged logs by the fireplace for added appeal.

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