Monday , June 27 2022

How to Hide Your TV in Plain Sight

How to Hide Your TV in Plain Sight

Newsflash! You no longer have to hide your TV in a cabinet to make it less conspicuous. Consider these 5 design-friendly ways to hide your TV in plain sight.

1. Play With Patterns

A tried-and-true way to help your TV fade into its surroundings is to set the black box against a patterned backdrop. For instance, the strategic use of bright patterned curtains paired with a darker patterned wall housing the television draws the eye to the space above the TV, which ultimately helps it blend into the background.

2. Camouflage With Color

Instead of contrasting your TV screen with bright white walls, consider complementing its color with darker neutrals like black, charcoal and navy. For instance, pairing your shiny TV screen with a high-gloss black surround is a great way to help the TV blend in rather than stand out.

3. Nurture Your Gallery Wall

Because of the sleek, square silhouettes of today’s televisions, they fit in perfectly with art prints and picture frames. Work your TV into a gallery wall where the screen acts like just another piece of art and you’ll minimize your TV’s presence instantly. It will visually recede as the art around it works together to collectively take center stage.

4. Subdued Symmetry

Similarly, reduce your TV’s dominance in a room by offsetting it with prints in similar shapes and sizes. By anchoring the TV with large, colorful pieces of art, you will give the wall more symmetry and balance, which results in attention being shifted from the TV itself to the space as a whole.

5. Lots of Lines

Lastly, help your flat screen become a natural part of the room by surrounding it with clean, contemporary furniture. The layers of complementary lines will camouflage the TV, making it seem less conspicuous and a more cohesive piece of the overall design.

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