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How to Hide Household Eyesores

How to Hide Household Eyesores

Everyone has areas in their home that just aren’t appealing to look at — think litter box, water heater, breaker box… Here are some tips on how to pretty them up.

Open Shelving

Open shelving and storage are wonderful in theory. More often than not, the reality is that they can look messy in a nanosecond. The solution? Uniform storage bins. You can find them reasonably priced and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Most importantly, they look sleek and uniform while holding everything from pasta to dog biscuits.

Loose Items

Similarly, when trying to make sense of loose items (like blankets, pet items, toys, books, speakers or bath towels) in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way, consider woven baskets. As a bonus, they add texture and an earthy dynamic to a room, and come in a wide range of unusual shapes, colors and sizes.

Pet Treats

For pet owners, it can be a challenge trying to simultaneously have access to treats all the time, while avoiding unappealing plastic packages being stashed all over the house. A simple solution is to strategically incorporate opaque, lidded jars into your decor to house the treats. The jars make things neat and clean, and if you find ones with airtight lids, keep the treats fresh. There are a ton out there to choose from and they can be very inexpensive. No one will suspect they are stuffed with pet treats!

Litter Boxes

Aside from installing a custom solution to your home for hiding your cat’s litter box, such as a little wall alcove with an easy access pet door, there are some litter box enclosure solutions out now that show promise! For instance, one has a similar appearance to an end table with a cupboard underneath and an upper shelf. Made of durable plastic, it houses the litter box in the bottom, and the top can be used as a table surface. When placed in a laundry room or mudroom, it blends right in and can serve double-duty.


Half-ripped bags, poorly closing boxes, unidentified foods… All of these things can definitely make your pantry into an eyesore. Consider giving your pantry a makeover with the help of clear, lidded storage containers with opaque lids — matching, of course. The clear sides allow you to easily identify the contents and the opaque, airtight lids ensure fresh food. And make sure they’re stackable!

Breaker Box

Homeowners have painted and wallpapered their breaker boxes to try and make them blend into the wall, but let’s face it, they’re still an eyesore. So what is there to do? How about a wall hanging that covers the entire box completely? While hanging a more traditional piece of art over it might work, it can be tricky if there is a frame and glass involved. Instead, a lightweight, woven wall covering might be the best choice to maintain easy access and minimize potential hazards.

Air Return

Replace your builder-grade air return grate with a decorative floor register from the local DIY store. While this won’t exactly hide it, it will dress it up and make it more visually pleasing. With various patterns and finishes available, you’ll surely be able to find one to suit your style and needs.

Water Heater

In some homes, the water heater is hidden away and not a problem, but in others it is located in a place that is visible. If the latter is the case, consider concealing it with a decorative room divider screen. Not only does this create a pretty visual in your space, it maintains quick access to the water heater if there are any problems.

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