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How to Decorate With Dark Florals

How to Decorate With Dark Florals

Florals aren’t just for spring! Although intimidating at first, dark florals can look good year-round. Use these tips to style dark floral art, wallpaper, and more.

Go for Classic Color Combinations

There is a reason why classic color combinations go together — they create balance in a room. When working with dark florals, consider combining them with lighter, neutral tones. For instance, in a room with black floral wallpaper, white makes a great partner for balance and contrast. Accessories in both light and dark shades can then work together to create more depth and contrast.

Add Fresh Foliage

While pairing a floral print with fresh foliage may seem a bit over-the-top, when done right the combo can actually bring life and three-dimensional character to an otherwise mediocre space. As an example, try to imagine a dark green floral wallpaper with a bright colored flower arrangement — the bright colors would pop against the darker backdrop and keep the space from looking overly frumpy.

Take Notice of Details

Known for their intricacies, dark floral patterns are great to work with if you pay attention to detail. Picking up on those subtle colors or patterns and using them throughout the rest of the space is a great design strategy that can have quite an impact. For starters, try choosing a less dominant color in the wallpaper and integrate accessories of the same shade. This will give visitors a completely different experience than if you choose to accentuate the obvious color choices.

Choose Neutral

Dark floral patterns can also be very busy. Remove some of the complexity by picking a low contrast, neutral print. By removing bright colors and a lot of contrast, you can reduce the color scheme down to a more monochromatic look where accessories and differing shades are relied upon for depth and interest.

Make a Statement

You don’t need a full wallcovering to attract attention — dark floral statement art is just as powerful and involves less work! Simply purchase or create a piece of dark floral artwork and use it in a hallway, entryway or any space that needs a little oomph.

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