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How to Add Storage Into Your Renovation Plans

How to Add Storage Into Your Renovation Plans

Is your home in need of more storage? If you’re planning a remodel, here are some ways to incorporate extra storage into it.

Look to Your Home’s Existing Structure

Most homes have odd corners or awkward nooks that can be inconvenient. From a storage standpoint, however, looking to these areas might present the best answer for your storage dilemmas. For instance, while you may believe the only way to maximize your home organization is through floor-to-ceiling storage, shorter spaces — like an area that is hindered by a sloped ceiling — can yield an abundance of standard-depth drawer space, along with narrow open shelves.

In addition, other odd spots, like a small area in between the studs near the shower, are perfect for holding things like bath towels and other necessities.

Plan Storage Before Your Remodel

Rather than finishing your renovation and trying to fit items into the storage created, it’s best to evaluate your storage needs ahead of time and plan out the new storage accordingly. For instance, cabinets are pretty much universal for holding things, including odd-sized items with awkward shapes and heights or unsightly items you prefer not to be seen.

Include Useful Extras

In a lot of cases, specialty items might not apply to your particular lifestyle. Like, if you’re not an avid cook, then a knife drawer wouldn’t work for you. However, every home has certain spots where everyday items start to collect — such as an entryway table where keys and mail get dumped. It’s in places like these where helpful extras come into play. Keep your eyes open for quick and easy ways to store and organize with very little effort.

No-Build Shelving Solution

Renovation projects are often meant to bring new life to our homes, either with color, creative details, or much-needed usefulness. If you’re dealing with a limited budget, incorporating storage through the imaginative reuse of furniture is completely acceptable. For example, giving an old shelving unit a fresh coat of paint and repurposing it for your storage needs.

Don’t Forget Storage for Technology

Tech devices and accessories, like printers, chargers, routers and cords, are not going anywhere in today’s world. While it’s true we get a lot out of technology in our day-to-day lives, the simple truth is that it can be an eyesore. The solution? Built-in storage in areas with high traffic. For instance, doors and drawers with built-in outlets or cutouts in the back to conceal unsightly cords.

Shoe Storage is a Must

During remodels, narrow spaces sometimes feel too small for the standard closet with hooks and a hang bar. While that may be true, these areas can make perfect storage spots for items frequently used by the entire family, like shoes. A slim niche can bring ample space for floor-to-ceiling shoes.

Go Low for Additional Storage

If you’ve ever consulted a storage expert, you’ll know that they often say that every square inch counts. Wouldn’t this include those overlooked spots close to the floor? Think of all the awkward items that are oversized or slim that would fit in these storage spaces! In your remodeling plans, consider taking drawers all the way down to the floor to include these handy pullouts that help combat clutter.

Consider Open Storage Options

Renovating for extra storage space can be an expensive endeavor, so take a close look at any cost-cutting options that will help you gain more space without investing more money. A good example of this is in the bathroom. A simple cutout in an otherwise dead area of the room can be made into a slim bath nook. Add a few shelves and you’ve got a cute and convenient spot for daily necessities.

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