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Give Your Home Spooky Halloween Vibes This Season With Black Succulents

Give Your Home Spooky Halloween Vibes This Season With Black Succulents

No need to wait until October — start the Halloween fun now! Add these hauntingly beautiful plants to inject some subtle spookiness into your home.

The temps are starting to drop and the days are getting shorter. It’s “go” time for starting on your eerie Halloween home decor. Fun and absolutely stunning, these black succulents not only create an eye-catching display, but are also easy to care for houseplants for the long term.

Black Prince Echeveria

While there are a few different variants of these eye-catching succulents, the one that’s been getting the most attention is a hens-and-chicks variety called Black Prince. This eerie succulent features deep purple rosettes of thick leaves that actually look black. The plant grows to be about six inches tall and eight inches wide, and does very well indoors. Consider using it in a haunting Halloween centerpiece or to jazz up a coffee table or end table.

Black Knight Echeveria

Just as spellbinding as Black Prince, ‘Black Knight’ echeveria produces rings of thick, curved leaves with pointed ends. For those with a vibrant imagination, they may even resemble sharp monster claws. New leaves start out as a bright green and get darker as they grow, which makes this two-toned succulent variety especially attractive.

Black Rose Aeonium

A third high-demand succulent that features dark leaves is the Black Rose aeonium. A bit larger, its stems can grow to be 3 feet tall and its rounded leaves as big as 8 inches in diameter. Like the other two succulents mentioned, the thick foliage Black Rose produces, while appearing black, is really a very deep purple. Bring it in as Halloween decor this fall and keep it around past October 31st for a unique and fun addition to your household.

General Succulent Care

If growing some of these bewitching beauties is something you’d like to do, it’s important to remember that they are not frost-hardy, so must weather the cold months indoors. While inside, they’ll need a suitable pot with drainage holes, as well as a succulent/cactus potting mix that allows water to drain easily. Give your succulents a deep soaking when you first plant them, but then only water them about once per week if the potting mix is dry to the touch an inch down. Place your new plants in a warm room that maintains a temperature above 65°F. Near a sunny west- or south-facing window is best.

The popularity of succulents has been compounding over the last few years and it’s easy to understand why. They come in a wide range of varieties, can be grown inside and out, and are quite easy to take care of. This spooky selection makes an eye-catching addition to any houseplant collection year-round.

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