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Expensive-Looking Backsplash Ideas That are Actually Quite Affordable

Expensive-Looking Backsplash Ideas That are Actually Quite Affordable

Make a dramatic change in your kitchen without spending a fortune with these budget-friendly backsplash ideas.

Peel-and-Stick Tiles

One inexpensive backsplash alternative that is easy to install and looks like a million bucks is peel-and-stick tiles. They can be applied directly to the wall — no grout is needed. In addition, they are available in a wide range of colors and patterns so it’s possible to create a standout backsplash without the high price tag.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles that come in sheets, like those found at home improvement stores, help save on installation and material costs. Each sheet features several rows of individual tiles mounted to a mesh backing so that an entire square foot can be installed at once. They come in a large variety of tile designs and patterns at just a few dollars per square foot.


Wallpaper — especially waterproof varieties that guard against spills and spatters — is a great way to add pattern to your backsplash without having to deal with tile installation headaches. There are even wallpapers that mimic the texture of high-dollar materials like terrazzo for a fraction of the price.

Beadboard Paneling

A backsplash made from beadboard is an ideal pick for a cottage-style space. Paint it the same color as the cabinets for a more understated look, or showcase your backsplash by choosing a separate color. Not only is a beadboard backsplash affordable, it’s also easy to install.


Looking for the perfect counterpoint to a kitchen filled with sleek surfaces? Consider a reclaimed brick backsplash. If your home doesn’t happen to have any bricks hiding behind your kitchen walls, brick veneer is a great alternative that looks real. Just be sure to attach it securely to the wall, which may call for metal or wood backing for proper support.

Wood Paneling

Affordable and exuding warmth, unpainted wood paneling makes a great kitchen backsplash choice. When coupled with white cabinetry, it brings a natural element and makes a statement as an organic accent. To ease the installation process, consider having the boards cut to size in-store. At most hardware stores, the cost is free or very minimal.


The simplicity and versatility of a chalkboard painted backsplash enables members of the household to inspire others with quotes and drawings, stay organized with grocery lists and reminders, or even explore culinary delights by writing out ingredients for new recipes. Use basic chalk for everyday drawing, or try chalk markers for a more permanent design. Remember to prime the area before applying the chalkboard paint so that you get a top-quality result.

Affordable Glass Tile

Glass tiles have come a long way, with today’s selection including a wide range of affordable styles. Depending on the size of your space, it’s possible to create a gorgeous glass tile backsplash for less than $150. Mix the glass tiles with less expensive ceramic or stone tiles to further minimize costs.

Subway Tile

Classic subway tiles cost as little as $2 per square foot and make for a functional and fashionable kitchen backsplash option. Most designers lay subway tiles horizontally in staggered rows, but other patterns are possible. For example, consider a fresh herringbone pattern by running the tiles diagonally.

Budget Shiplap

Is your kitchen full of color? Try white-washed shiplap for a neutral backdrop with a hint of visual interest. Simply run the boards horizontally. For a more budget-friendly version, purchase sheets of plywood and cut, paint and install the boards yourself.

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