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Easy Ways to Mix Art Deco Style Into Your Home Decor

Easy Ways to Mix Art Deco Style Into Your Home Decor

An iconic design style that originated in the early to mid-1900s, Art Deco is a perfect blend of industrial and glam. Use these simple ideas to incorporate it into your home decor.

Rich colors and a streamlined aesthetic that features distinct geometric shapes, Art Deco often includes metallic and luxe stone finishes. At the time it originated, it was actually considered more traditional, but nowadays it’s a natural fit with contemporary styles. Regardless, Art Deco is both dazzling and elegant, and can be the perfect element to take your room design over the top.

Vibrant Colors

The color palettes often associated with Art Deco are typically described as moody and saturated. Consider using rich jewel tones like emerald green, cobalt blue or deep purple to create a lavish look. Another option is to utilize dark gray or black paint hues to produce a striking, glamorous visual. Be sure to use neutrals like beige or cream to balance deeper tones. Incorporate metallic accessories to add brightness.

Geometric Accents

Since curved figures and trapezoidal shapes are major components of Art Deco design, try to include them through furnishings and other decor, such as vases and mirrors. Just incorporating one or two of these items will hint at Art Deco in a modern or eclectic space without making it look overly themed.

Fluted Details

Fluted detailing, which basically means having a scalloped or grooved look, is seeing a rise in popularity and can be found on paneling and furniture. It’s great for highlighting the clean, linear forms that are key to Art Deco. For a bit of grandeur, consider using the texture on kitchen or bathroom cabinets, or bring some dimension to a room with fluted accessories like light fixtures or vases.

Angular Patterns

Repeating geometric forms, such as triangular shapes or zigzag patterns, were a part of many Art Deco designs. These motifs make a strong statement when used on textiles or wallpaper. You can make an immediate impact by adding a bold rug with Art Deco styling to an otherwise neutral room.

Statement Artwork

Magnificence and drama are celebrated in Art Deco design, and art is one of the best ways to exhibit that. Give high-contrast artwork a prominent position in your space or incorporate sculptural accents that feature the hallmarks of the style’s lustrous look. Aside from drawing the eye, an attractive piece of art also has the ability to serve as a conversation starter.

High-Contrast Color Palette

A vivid, high-contrast look created by juxtaposing light and dark hues is very representative of Art Deco style. The most obvious example of this is the classic combination of black and white that gives a feel of sophistication. Rich shades of blue or green can produce a similar result. For example, if you use a dark color on the walls, add white molding to give it some pop.

Upscale Materials

Whether it be metallics, burl wood, or polished marble and granite, Art Deco design uses high-end materials to bring a sense of luxury and opulence to interiors. While the true versions of these elements can be quite expensive, there are plenty of budget-friendly options, such as veneers or laminates, to effectively mimic the look.

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