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Easy Design Tricks to Turn Your Home Into a Happier Place

Easy Design Tricks to Turn Your Home Into a Happier Place

Turn any space in your home — no matter its size or style — into one of relaxation and happiness with these fun and easy tips.

Light Candles

While there’s nothing cozier than the soft flicker of a candle flame in a darkened room, candles are fun to have around in the daytime as well. They fill the home with beautiful scents and can be used to increase focus and productivity during the day. For example, consider lighting a candle deskside to help center your attention for work. Or add a few candles and some pillows to an empty corner of your home and turn it into a meditation nook. Candles also add ambiance during yoga sessions or stretching sessions.

Incorporate Eucalyptus

Filling your home with plants and fresh flowers is another great way to inject some happiness — especially eucalyptus leaves. Often found at the local grocery store, eucalyptus leaves can be styled in adorable vases or just about any container. They not only promote relaxation, but also smell incredible.

Swap Accessories Between Rooms

Sometimes your home just needs to be freshened up a bit. One simple and inexpensive solution is to move your existing furnishings around — switch out blankets and throw pillows, find new spots for lamps, relocate plants throughout the house. Try to breathe a little newness into each room. The best part? Shifting things around won’t cost you a penny.

Make Your Bathroom Cozy

As your refuge, the bathroom should be as relaxing as possible. Do this by incorporating soft items not typically found in the bathroom, such as a pouf or upholstered stool. Or move some plants in from other rooms while you soak in the tub. This will send a loud message you’re doing something special and that it’s not your normal bathing experience.

Put Together Pretty Displays

Just about anything can be turned into an attractive display, from collectibles to books to food. For example, do you have a bunch of random fruit sitting on your kitchen counter for snacks? Simply remove the stickers and arrange them in a beautiful bowl on the dining room table.

Put Your Vases to Work

Pull out your vases (they don’t all have to match perfectly), fill them with greenery and fresh flowers, and position them throughout the house in places you’ll see them every day. This simple injection of life and color will bring joy on a daily basis. If you go for walks, try collecting trimmings from around the neighborhood to fill your vases — gorgeous and no purchase required.

Accessorize With Memories

Frame some of your happy moments and use them to add interest and happiness to bookcases, walls, end tables, and nightstands throughout your house. Not only do pictures provide a personal touch, they make great conversation pieces.

Soften Harsh Lighting

Use small lamps and other more targeted sources of light to warm up the bright, impersonal overhead lighting that is standard issue in most rooms. If you can’t seem to get the lighting the way you want it, consider experimenting by tucking small lamps into unexpected places like on a bookshelf, behind the TV or on the kitchen counter.

Keep Colors Light and Bright

For a truly zen space, a light and bright color palette is a must. One successful design strategy is to keep the room very neutral and then layer in pops of color by way of small accessories. Blue is a great color choice for this, and focusing on the accessories is a nice way to fold in some personality.

Antiques for the Win

If you’ve ever wondered why interior designers use vintage items in their designs, here’s your answer: Antiques help bring a room to life by adding character, historical depth and charm. Once you dive into vintage, it’s hard to stop because half the fun is searching flea markets, yard sales and estate sales for unique treasures. Once found and added to your decor, each piece becomes a reminder of the happy hunting you did with friends or family to find it.

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