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Easy & Affordable Bathroom Upgrades You Can Do In a Day

Easy & Affordable Bathroom Upgrades You Can Do In a Day

A bathroom remodel shouldn’t be something that drains your time, money and sanity. Here are some easy and affordable ways to refresh your space in less than a day.

Fabulous Fixtures

Given that fixtures are a more permanent (and costly) bathroom feature — think bathtub, sink and toilet — they are items you want to take time to research and really think about before making an investment. But sometimes all you need is a small change to give your bathroom an updated look, like a new faucet or showerhead.

When choosing a showerhead, there are two things to keep in mind in addition to aesthetics: function and adjustability. After all, it’s likely not everyone in your home is going to be the same height and want the same water pressure as you.

While a complete demo on your sink might be tempting, it also may not be necessary. Try swapping out your tired old faucet for a new one to freshen up your space instead. Not only will it save you time, it’ll save a lot of money as well. With modern technologies (think touchless), and a wide range of styles and finishes available, faucets are a great way to update a bathroom without all the hassles of a remodel.

Smart Storage

Anytime a remodel is being contemplated in your home, the temptation to gut everything and start fresh is going to be there. Especially when it comes to bathroom remodels. In some cases that’s not a bad idea, due to mold issues or out-of-date safety features. But many times, all you need to get your bathroom back in shape is a simple cosmetic upgrade. One way to rework your bathroom without busting out the power tools is to start with your bathroom’s storage.

Fresh new towel bars and storage racks are a great way to go, particularly in smaller spaces where floor space is limited. And naturally, larger bathrooms can accommodate more elaborate storage furnishings to fit more necessities and decorative items into the space, like extra towels or cute plants.

Towels are one of the prime offenders for cluttering up bathrooms, making them look overly packed and unorganized, but they aren’t the only one. Toilet paper is another culprit. Typical toilet paper storage remedies include hiding them in a closet to keep them out of sight or stacking rolls on shelves behind the closet. Another option to consider, however, is finding a stylish, free-standing toilet paper roll holder that not only keeps your current roll available for use, but also stores extras in a reserve area below. Most are metal, but they come in a range of chic styles to match most bathroom decor.

Chic Decor Updates

After you’ve upgraded your bathroom’s fixtures and storage space, then it’s time to bring in some new decor. Things like lighting, mirrors, rugs, or even some new peel-and-stick tiles will make your bathroom feel like a brand new space.

Medicine cabinet mirrors that double as storage space are a great addition to squeeze in some extra room for necessities. There are many timeless styles available, including frameless options, so that your choice won’t feel out-of-date in a year.

Use vanity lighting to brighten your bathroom. By installing lights above the vanity, you’ll not only make your morning routine easier, but you’ll also create the illusion of having more room.

New paint or ceramic tiles are great additions as well, but they’re pretty permanent and involve a relatively big time investment. If you’re looking for something more immediate, consider a simple solution that can easily be reversed if necessary: peel-and-stick tiles. Certain designs look high-end, and you can transform your bathroom floor in a day!

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