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Design Trends: Spotlight on Wallpaper

Design Trends: Spotlight on Wallpaper

A wall treatment that goes beyond the capabilities of paint, wallpaper can provide everything from traditional to bold, luxury and opulence — that much sought after ‘wow’ factor. There’s no surprise that wallpaper continues to rise in popularity.

Create Intimacy

Use wallpaper to produce a cozier feel in an oversized room or foyer with high ceilings. To create the illusion, simply use chair railing or wainscoting to divide the room in half horizontally. With chair railing, you would apply wallpaper to the bottom half, and with wainscoting, the opposite. But both options serve the same purpose. Adding crown molding in addition to the aforementioned helps to further reduce the room’s cavernous appearance as well.

Small Space Rescue

Just like wallpaper helps spaces that seem too large, it can also open up rooms that feel too small. One way is to incorporate a wallpaper design with vertical stripes in a room with low ceilings. This effectively creates the illusion of height, similar to how horizontal stripes create an illusion of width.

Wallpaper can also be used to transform small rooms into showpieces. Vibrant, bold patterns and colors — which can be too dramatic and overwhelming for a larger space — actually work well in small areas. For an especially glamorous effect, try going matchy-matchy with your wallpaper and window treatments.

Design Statement

Wallpaper is quite versatile and has the ability to make just about any kind of design statement. For example, you can sooth a room by adding wallpaper with soft, natural lines, or bring energy with bold, geometric styles. Have a more traditional aesthetic? Try a damask print. Simply pair with modern furnishings or accessories to maintain a current feel.

Imperfect Perfection

With handmade and eco-friendly products all the rage, wallpapers that feature hand-painted details rather than computer-perfect images bring a sense of uniqueness to a room. With no two lines being the same, these wallpapers are essentially artwork. The natural imperfections are celebrated, adding a soft, organic quality as well as real value and meaning. Accessorize with other organic-looking, handmade items to enhance that theme in the room.

Go With What You Love

If you’ve always loved a green room, then choose wallpaper with green in it. What you shouldn’t do is pick out a print that you’re unsure about or that is too trendy and will be outdated in a year. Find a design that you’ll be able to live with for a long period of time. Timeless classics are always a great choice — they never go out of style.

Accent Wall

Some homeowners are anxious about committing to an entire room of wallpaper. If that’s the case, no problem! Simply use it on an accent wall, such as behind a sofa in the living room or behind the bed in a bedroom. That way you can reap all the benefits without the risk of overdoing it.

Printing Breakthroughs

With new digital printing technology now available, wallpaper designers are able to pursue directions they weren’t able to previously. Styles that were quite tricky to produce are now easily achieved with modern techniques. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new looks for your home!

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