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Decorating Tips for a Coastal Style Bedroom

Decorating Tips for a Coastal Style Bedroom

Due to its relaxed vibe and soothing color scheme, coastal style makes an excellent choice for creating a restful bedroom atmosphere.

Blue, Blue, Blue

A key feature of coastal decor is the liberal use of blue. Feel free to mix different shades, from gray-blues to blue-greens. Just make sure that all the tones work well together.

Weathered, Washed-Out Finishes

Faded, salt-washed finishes on furniture are right at home in coastal spaces. To achieve that look, pick wood pieces that have a white-washed, limed or pickled finish. These types of pieces tend to look dated in other decor styles, but are a perfect fit for the coastal vibe.

Painted Furniture

A budget-friendly and effective way to breathe new life into used pieces of furniture as well as bring a cohesive look to mismatched furniture is to paint them. In keeping with the coastal theme, choose shades of blue, white, pale green and gray.

Simple Styling

To emphasize the easygoing atmosphere of coastal spaces, keep accessories simple and clean. Minimal decor with strategic uses of mirrors, storage space, texture and contrast are ways to bring interest while maintaining simplicity.

Textured Treasures

Consider incorporating subtle references to the coastal theme with textured items like woven baskets, carved wooden pelicans, or a glass bowl of seashells. In addition, old family photos bring a personal touch. Choose warmer-toned frames to create a nice contrast with the cool coastal colors.

Add Some Life

Live plants and fresh flowers add a healthy pop of color and life to a room. For those lacking a green thumb, consider faux alternatives to achieve the same effect without the maintenance. Hint: Artificial plants appear more realistic when placed in pots that are the proper scale for their size.

Fabulous Floors

To spread the coastal feel throughout the room, wood floors are a great choice — especially when topped with a textural rug that is natural-colored, like a sandy brown. Easy to clean and maintain, they are easy to live with, soothing to look at, and promote that easy going coastal vibe.

Full Window Treatment

Plantation shutters not only provide privacy and light control, they look sleek and clean doing it. A classic white finish makes for a traditional coastal choice that can easily tie in with other decorative accessories throughout the room, like pillows, throws and bedding.

Shiplap Paneling

Nothing says coastal quite like shiplap paneling. Whether painted a crisp white or a mellow shade of aqua blue, shiplap brings texture and a subtle, laid-back sense of style, allowing other more prominent pieces to take center stage. Use it on a single accent wall or the entire room.

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