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Decorate Using What You Have

Decorate Using What You Have

Decorating can be easy and affordable when you use what you have as a foundation to build upon. Work ordinary items into your décor with a few easy tricks, updates, and simple supplies. Here’s how!


Since eclectic is hot right now, embrace this highly personalized design movement and incorporate some family treasures that have been stored away. Select one or two pieces rather than filling an entire cabinet, as a large amount of collectibles will come off as clutter. But a limited selection of prized pieces co-mingled into your existing décor? All charm.


Display a collection of bottles, jars and vessels in a similar colorway for an eye-catching ensemble. Instead of sending glass bottles straight into the recycling bin, clean and save the ones that have an interesting shape or color. Once you have enough, create a pretty grouping for a centerpiece or mantelscape. Arrange with flowers or other small objects for additional impact.


Create a personal, warm display of favorite memories and photos. Use frames you have and paint them all the same color for a unified look, or invest in inexpensive, basic black frames for a more polished look. TIP: Fewer photos printed at larger sizes allow for a more streamlined look.


Decorating can be just as much about subtraction as it is addition. Consider removing your kitchen cabinet doors and putting your favorite dishes, utensils and cookware on display. Large jars filled with pantry staples such as pasta, rice, cereal and beans, also look great on open shelving.

Be sure the inside of your cabinets are display-worthy – they may need a good cleaning or fresh coat of paint. After you remove the doors, fill any holes with putty and paint or stain them to match the rest of the cabinet box.


Tired of the same old throw pillows? Give them new life with pillow covers. Since new pillows can be pricey, covers in the same size as your existing pillows is a perfect solution. The old pillow acts as an insert, so when zipped or buttoned into a fresh cover, no one will know your new blue pillow was once orange. TIP: If you’re handy with sewing, try making your own custom pillow covers.


Old volumes of books offer a great aesthetic to a room. If you have a fireplace that no longer functions, try covering books in white paper and arranging them in the fireplace for a unique display. Or bring hardcover books off the shelf for a tablescape or mantel arrangement. Many old books have interesting covers hidden under the dust jackets with eye-catching colors or designs.


Children are always bringing home pieces of art – finger paintings, construction paper creations and boldly colored drawings. Instead of storing them away, frame them and put these masterpieces on display. And with their prolific output, you’ll have a constant resource for updating your gallery!


Line the backs of bookcases or built-ins with wallpaper, fabric or wrapping paper remnants. If you don’t have any handy, keep your eyes peeled for discount materials and start lining for an easy, instant update.


A staple for budget decorating, paint can be your best friend. Versatile, inexpensive and easy to use, paint gives your space an instant lift. And it’s not just for walls – use it to give dated furniture and accessories a fresh new look.

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