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Creative Ways to Store Your Dishes

Creative Ways to Store Your Dishes

Add style and function to your kitchen by storing dishes where they are visible and easily accessible. Here are a few creative ideas to get you started.

Open Shelves

It might seem like an obvious solution for storing dishes, but creative open storage ensures easy access to the items you use most often. Delegate the items you use daily — like plates, cups and bowls — to lower shelves, and save the higher shelves for larger serving pieces. Use small baskets to corral items like linens and silverware to maintain a neat, clutter-free look.

Portable Flatware

Organize your cutlery into several jars and place the jars in a portable basket so that you can transfer silverware from countertop to tabletop in a flash. You can designate a permanent spot for the basket, or simply move the entire storage unit around the kitchen as needed.

Go Vertical

If you’re making the change to open storage, consider going vertical. Who knows? A tall and narrow shelving unit might fit your kitchen setup better. For instance, placing it in an otherwise awkward space next to the refrigerator will position your glassware right where it needs to be for ease of use. Mixing bowls or larger serving pieces can be placed on the remaining shelves.

Wire Racks

Whether new or found second-hand, wall-mounted wire racks become gorgeous display pieces when used for pretty patterned coffee mugs and teacups. Create your own beverage station by hanging glassware from the top rungs and storing colorful tea towels below.

Open Island

Turn your open kitchen island into a dish storing oasis. Use it to stow cutting boards and serving trays, or use attractive baskets to hold spare dishware and oversize pots and pans.

Deep Drawers

Use deep pullout drawers to ensure your serving pieces, flatware and linens always stay within reach. Further organize the drawers with an oversize peg system to keep your dishes in place instead of sliding around and getting damaged.

Hanging Glassware

Install small hooks on the underside of shelves to free up shelf space. Try hanging mugs of a similar color palette from the hooks for a stylish and convenient grab-and-go drinkware solution.

Divide Them Up

To optimize drawer space, every utensil and cutlery drawer should have dividers or inserts. Before going out and shipping for inserts, carefully note what you need to store as well as the inside dimensions of each drawer. Include height, width and depth. For ultimate organization, label each section.

Showcase Pots & Pans

If your cabinets are full and have no room left for pots and pans, consider installing two or three short metal rods on one of your kitchen walls. Then, simply use S hooks to hang the cookware for a tidy, organized display. Minimize overlapping by measuring the lengths of each pan before hanging the bars.

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