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Creative Ways to Decorate Above the Toilet

Creative Ways to Decorate Above the Toilet

Ranging from purely decorative to functional, these clever ideas will fill that blank space and take your bathroom from boring to brilliant.

Go Three-Dimensional

When typical wall art won’t do, step it up a notch by hanging an unusual or unexpected three-dimensional object. For example, a beautifully artful piece of driftwood would perfectly enhance a bathroom with a more natural style. Another idea is to create a hat display either using a selection of hats that are unusual or especially pretty, or developing a more utilitarian display made up of hats that you currently wear so that they are handy as you get ready for the day.

Extra Storage

Whether it be simple wood shelves, a tiered shelf suspended from the ceiling, or a more bathroom-specific multi-purpose shelf, the area above the toilet is a great place for incorporating extra storage. Toilet paper, towels, extra soap, and other bathroom essentials can find a home there, along with other decorative accent pieces or a couple of houseplants to personalize the space.

Themed Wall Art

Especially effective in a child’s bathroom, consider hanging artwork that goes with the overall theme to maintain a cohesive look. There’s nothing more delightful for kids than to see colorful prints echo their special theme, and reinforce the other decorative accessories.

Wooden Ladder

For instant charm above the toilet, try adding a wooden ladder as a place to drape hand towels or hang small baskets that organize bathroom necessities. Most effective are ladders that straddle the toilet and lean against the wall. Lower rungs may have to be removed for the ladder to fit around the toilet.

Wire Baskets

A series of stylish metal baskets hung above the commode go a long way in maximizing storage space in a small bathroom. You can either hang them in a straight line or stagger their placement to make the most of the wall space. Different sized baskets are also a nice touch to mix things up.

Wood Crates

A simple open storage solution can be had by combining two wood crates to form a shelf for towels and other supplies. Pair it with a decorative wicker basket nearby to hold toilet paper, and consider your storage and style needs met.

Fun Wallpaper

Instead of artwork and other decor to fill the space, consider covering the wall above the toilet in an interesting wallpaper pattern. Go with a bold floral or edgy geometric pattern for an eye-catching treat.

Abstract Artwork

If you’re lucky enough to have tall ceilings in your bathroom, emphasize them with a vertical piece of wall art. For a space that is mostly white, use the artwork to bring in color and energy.

Another option is to use the space for a gallery wall. Mix original pictures, prints and even three-dimensional objects. The artwork can be changed out with new and favorite pieces whenever you feel like the display needs a refresh.

Toy Storage

Above the commode is a convenient place to store the kids’ favorite bathtime toys. A hanging cabinet is great for keeping them organized and out of sight, while a small mounted shelf will allow them to be seen, bringing color and fun to the space. Corral smaller toys in attractive storage bins that can be stowed on a shelf.

Colorful Children’s Art

Another great way to bring color and excitement to a child’s bathroom is by using their artwork to adorn the walls. Choose vibrant, fun colors and watch the space come to life. Plus, your little Picasso will love seeing their creations on display.


Nothing brings classic character to a space like wainscot paneling installed along the lower portion of the room. Not only will it serve to dress up the area behind the toilet, it will also draw the eye up so that anything adorning the walls, such as a fabulous wallpaper or piece of art, will get extra attention.


A simple, but chic way to freshen up the space is to place a couple of succulents on the toilet lid and pair them with a framed succulent print. The plants can be real or faux, depending on your particular needs, but the finished look will be the same — fresh and beautiful.

Medicine Cabinet

Forgo the standard placement of the medicine cabinet above the sink and hang it above the toilet instead. Use it to conceal medicines and any other items you’d prefer to keep hidden away. Add a fresh plant or flower arrangement to bring balance to the display.

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