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Creative Wall Decor Ideas for the Dining Room

Creative Wall Decor Ideas for the Dining Room

While the table and chairs are key in a dining room, don’t forget about styling the walls. Get creative with these wall decor ideas that will refresh your space in no time!

Seeing Double

Rather than relying on one large piece of art to make a statement, consider taking the symmetrical route and using two. Symmetry is classic — it never goes out of style. Whether using actual artwork, photography or poster prints, using two pieces on either side of a chandelier always makes a dramatic statement.

Woven Basket Bliss

A trend that brings texture and interest to a room, mounting a cluster of woven baskets on the wall is also a great way to incorporate natural elements. This works especially well in tandem with a jute or sisal area rug. Simply put together a collection of baskets that pleases your eye. It can consist of different sizes, shapes and patterns — whatever you like! The best part? Woven baskets can be found easily and inexpensively at thrift stores or yard sales.

Classic Mirror

When in doubt, go with a vintage gold-framed mirror. Not only is it a classic choice that stands the test of time, but it works well on virtually any dining room wall, whether it be centered above a buffet or behind the head chair. Since authentic antique mirrors with ornate frames can be quite expensive, keep an eye out for modern replicas that aren’t so pricey. They give that classic look without breaking the bank.

Functional Artwork

Not every home is equipped with a dedicated dining room. If that’s the case in your home — your dining space is shared or an open concept — there’s a good chance your dining table serves multiple purposes, such as a hub for school projects or a makeshift office space. Therefore, consider letting your wall decor serve more than one purpose, incorporating function and style into the space. A chic oversized wall calendar makes a great choice.

Themed Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are an ideal solution for partners with different design styles. Each person is able to contribute pieces they like to the display. To keep the gallery wall looking cohesive, simply choose a central theme, such as color or subject matter. Color is probably the best way to visually tie everything together, regardless of style or size. You can go with all neutrals, black and whites, or choose a specific color or two that must be present in each piece of art.

Silver Platters

A wall featuring an expansive collection of antique plates and saucers is an appropriate and eye-catching display for the dining room. However, it can come off looking too shabby chic or cottage style. If you’re looking for something a little more modern and refined, consider switching out the plates for trays or platters. For example, a wall of antique silver trays makes a sophisticated statement. To get the look without the expense, simply swap out silver trays for nickel-plated ones that can be found at most home furnishing stores.

Custom Mural

Turn your dining room wall into a statement wall by forgoing the artwork and using paint to create a modern mural. Find a stencil or make your own — the possibilities are endless. A geometric design featuring complementary hues is probably the most straightforward example.

Family Portraits

If finding suitable artwork is proving difficult, consider going with the familiar. Family portraits, including baby and pet pictures, make a perfectly quaint display when enlarged, matted and framed. They also provide lots to talk about with guests over dinner.

Framed Mementos

When looking to personalize a room, photos are one of the first things that come to mind. However, there are other options that can serve the same purpose. Think about special mementos that hold meaning for you and your family, such as sheet music from favorite songs, hand-written notes or recipes, pressed flowers, or even attractive menus from memorable restaurants.

Curated Collections

People sometimes avoid displaying collections on open shelves because they can appear messy or disorganized. This is easily rectified by finding the right way to assemble items within the collection. For example, grouping similar items together will tidy things up and make the display look intentional. In addition, grouping by color or size can have a strong visual impact.

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