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Clever Ways to Use Everyday Items in the Garage

Clever Ways to Use Everyday Items in the Garage

Upcycling and repurposing is savvy and smart. But don’t save all the best ideas for inside the home! Breathe new life into old things by putting them to work as smart storage in the garage.

Can Containers

Stop struggling with tangled up twine and rope, and try storing it in a coffee can instead. Simply cut a slit in the lid of the can and place the rope inside. Pull one end of the rope through the slit for easy dispensing. To pretty up the cans or to make them all uniform, simply cover them in a contact paper you love.

Similarly, give ordinary soup cans a second life by covering them in decorative paper and filling them with workbench tools and supplies you need close at hand. This is a great alternative to fancy (and expensive) containers.

Towel Rack Clamp Storage

The next time you upgrade the towel rack in your bathroom, save the old one to use in the garage. A wall-mounted towel rack makes an ideal storage solution for various clamps — an awkward item that can be hard to store effectively.

All Chained Up

Make sense of that tangled pile of extension cords in your garage by taking 1’ sections of chain and using them to hang cords on a coat hook. Convenient wall storage, simply mount a coat rack on the wall, wrap the chain around the wound-up cord, and hang your cords on each hook using the chain links. For hooks that feature two hanging elements, hang two cords per hook.

Paint Can Organizers

Save those empty paint cans! They can be cleaned and upcycled into garage storage containers to help organize painting supplies like stir sticks, brushes and tape.

Shipping Pallet Slat Wall Storage

Rather than investing in an expensive slat wall storage system, try making your own for next to nothing by transforming a wooden shipping pallet into a vertical tool rack. Use it to hang tools, stash storage containers and more.

Golf Bag Gardening Station

Find yourself an old, sturdy golf bag and transform it into a perfect storage station for large and small gardening tools. Shovels and rakes fit in the main opening, while gloves, hand tools and other necessities fit in the pockets.

Bungee Sports Ball Corral

Handy and versatile, bungee cords are great to have around. Try using a few, along with a board and other common supplies, to turn an otherwise unused corner into a storage spot for bulky and awkward sports balls.

Begin by installing a shelf or platform in the corner and run the bungees vertically from the bottom platform to another spot overhead. Stack the balls within the flexible bungee “walls” for a simple and easily accessible storage solution.

Recycling Bin Hack

Think outside the box and put stackable plastic dog food containers to work as lidded recycling bins in the garage. Label them appropriately and you’ll never have to worry about mixing up paper and plastic.

Shoe Organizer Solution

Basic over-the-door shoe organizers, with rows of pockets for shoes, make great organizers for spray paint. You’ll be able to see every paint color available in a glance. Arrange the paint cans by color, brand or popularity to make things even easier.

Not Just a Kitchen Thing

Magnet strips used in the kitchen to organize knives also make the perfect solution for storing tools and paintbrushes. In addition, attach clean metal soup cans to the magnet and they can hold small items like writing tools and small brushes.

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