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Clever Ways to Decorate Large Blank Walls

Clever Ways to Decorate Large Blank Walls

Whether your art collection is on the small side or you simply have too much wall space on your hands, decorating blank walls can be a tough undertaking. Use these inspired ideas to find the perfect solution.

Oversized Leaning Mirror

Large mirrors have the ability to make a room feel brighter and bigger, but they are also the perfect solution for adding design-enhancing details to empty wall space. Rather than hanging your mirror, however, consider leaning it against the wall — an option that can be used in any room of the house. From a dull hallway to a sophisticated bathroom, this solution will most definitely add to your home’s aesthetic appeal. The best part? The look makes such an impact on its own that you won’t need any additional decorative accents. Simple and stylish.

Floating Furniture

We all know about floating shelves, which make a gorgeous update on their own. But consider taking it a step further by coupling them with a floating console for a focal point that is hard to ignore. Once installed, decorate the surfaces just as you would any other area — vintage pieces, framed photos or whatever fits your decorative tastes. Regardless of what you choose, a well-curated vignette is sure to perk up that blank wall and bring it to life.

Hang a Rug

For an ideal way to bring warmth, texture and color to a room, try adding a nice rug. However, rather than using it on the floor, try tacking it up on the wall instead. Quirky and design-minded, showcasing a textile is effective — especially when positioned above the sofa in the living room or as a headboard in the bedroom. As a wall filler, it’s definitely one that injects style and interest.

Oversized Artwork

If you’re having doubts about non-traditional options, just go with what you know will work: framed art. Gallery walls are always great. But if you’d prefer something more minimalistic, opt for a single oversized piece of art instead. Whether a photograph or a painting, be sure to keep in mind that these attention-grabbing additions will easily become the main focus in any room. This approach can be used outside of the bedroom or living room as well — hallways, bathrooms and kitchens can all reap the benefits.

Well-Crafted Vignette

Another effective option pulling together an assortment of items to create the perfect vignette. For a no-fail approach, simply pair a framed piece of art with a sleek ottoman or bench. Then add in some cozy blankets and throw pillows for a warm, homey scene that is sure to be appreciated.

Personal Photo Display

While displaying photo favorites in frames makes for a fine display, a more trendy and interesting way to showcase photos is to print out a large selection of images and arrange them collectively to create one large overall pattern or theme, like a stylish ampersand or your initials. Doing so will give your space a fun, personal flair, as well as make a big impact with little effort. As a bonus, choosing which memories to include is a great family project.

Go Big With Essentials

Having to fill a large blank space on a budget can be tricky — for instance, textiles and frames tend to get pricey fast. But don’t fret, there are quick and inexpensive solutions available that won’t break the bank. One option is to simply supersize some of your everyday essentials, like a cork board, dry erase board, chalkboard or calendar, and display them prominently in the living room or dining room. Easy, practical and attractive, this is a great way to get around the price gap until you are able to upgrade. Or who knows? You just might like the functionality enough to keep it long after you can afford a change!

Statement Piece

This option goes beyond paintings and encourages you to explore textured and dimensional options for your wall, such as macrame hangings, found objects, or industrial installations. The choices are truly endless. Use a particular piece as the center of attention or simply style it alongside furnishings. Regardless of what you choose, these unique additions will add character and make your home feel one-of-a-kind.

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