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Clever Attic Storage Ideas to Maximize Space

Clever Attic Storage Ideas to Maximize Space

Whether finished or unfinished, it’s possible to incorporate more storage in confined attic spaces. These clever storage hacks will help you get the most out of your bonus room.

1. Make Use of Blank Walls

An ideal spot to stash seasonal decor and belongings not currently in use (think beach items and outdoor sports equipment during the winter months), attic storage can help reduce clutter in your most-used areas, like the mudroom or garage. To optimize attic storage space, try taking a blank wall and dedicating it to housing stackable plastic storage bins, arranged in an organized fashion. Install a shelving system on the empty wall to lift the bins up off the floor and make space for larger furnishings. Labeling the bins will help identify their contents.

2. Make a Faux Half Wall

Consider placing a cube storage unit along your attic staircase to construct a faux half wall. Not only is it a smart way to eek out some extra storage room, it also brings some additional privacy to the space. Fill the cubbies as you see fit — baskets, books, shoes — then decorate the top of the unit with a plant and some fun keepsakes for character.

3. Install Floating Shelves

Forget the built-ins and oversized bookcases. Floating shelves are an easy solution for adding storage to an attic. They can be assembled in a weekend and will elevate belongings off the ground, maximizing floor space. If you’re handy, simply build your own, or you can invest in store-bought shelving that uses a track system with brackets.

4. Matching Container Solution

Whether used as an extra bedroom, home office space or for dedicated storage, your attic can benefit from matching containers. They add style and a cohesive element, which unifies a finished space and brings order to a utilitarian room. From storage baskets and bins to handled totes, you can find containers in all different sizes, shapes, colors and styles to fit your specific needs.

5. Built-In Bliss

For a finished attic space, built-ins featuring cubbies and shelves are a great way to maximize storage — especially if the room serves as an extra guest room, rec room or playroom. For example, stack the shelves with books and put in a comfy chair or bench for a cozy reading corner. If true built-ins aren’t possible, try making your own from existing bookshelves for a customized storage solution.

6. Walk-In Closet Conversion

It’s a predicament many encounter — too many clothes for your closet. So why not take advantage of your bonus attic space by turning it into a lovely walk-in dressing room? Use the open layout to best advantage by configuring clothing rods and built-ins to showcase favorite shoes and accessories. Consider an island dresser (think kitchen island for the closet) as a stylish and functional furniture option.

7. Office Space Oasis

Secluded and peaceful, transforming attic space into a home office just makes sense. Minimal noise, less interruptions — it’s perfect. As for office storage, cubed organizers are a great choice to house files, papers and office supplies. Incorporate a plant and some mementos to add personality. Wall sconces make a chic and effective lighting choice when access to natural light is limited.

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