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9 Ways to Pretty-Up Your Above-Ground Pool

9 Ways to Pretty-Up Your Above-Ground Pool

If you love your pool, but not necessarily how it looks in your yard, there are ways to spruce it up. Inject a little style with these great above-ground pool ideas.

1. Lush Landscaping

Simple and effective, there’s no secret why lush garden landscaping is by far the most popular solution for beautifying an above-ground swimming pool. To give this look a professional touch, be sure to edge out your flowerbed first, before installing easy-care plants like shrubs or tall grasses. Finish up by covering the bed with mulch for a sharp, clean look (and to boost plant life).

2. Shine Some Light

If you choose to put in a flowerbed around your pool’s perimeter, consider installing inexpensive solar landscape lights in it to light up the night and bring a lovely glow. Another option for small parties and peaceful evenings by the pool is to add soft lights like lanterns, tiki torches, candles, and string lights as a budget-friendly way to glam up your outdoor space. Tip: Don’t forget to put out any flames before calling it a night.

3. River Rock Edging

Regardless of what type of above-ground pool you own — round, rectangular or s-shaped — using inexpensive river rocks or pea gravel to edge around it is a quick and surprisingly beautiful alternative to traditional garden landscaping.

4. Fence It In

Yes, it’s true — above-ground pools can actually be stylish. It’s just going to take a little creativity. Depending on your particular situation, consider pairing up several design elements to create your perfect oasis. For instance, combine a shady deck with strategic fencing and ornamental grasses and plants to create a semi-private outdoor space that is attractive, comfortable and useful.

5. All Decked Out

Perfect for relaxation and entertaining family and friends, decks provide a wide variety of style options for permanently incorporating a pool into your landscape design. The two can work together to bring function and style to your outdoor space.

6. Tiki Oasis

If your big blue pool is becoming a backyard eyesore, try giving it a makeover with reed fencing. Simply trim inexpensive reed fencing to size and attach it to the pool’s exterior with twine.

7. Stacked-Stone Wall

For those feeling a bit more ambitious, give a stacked-stone surround a try. Although many stacked-stone pools are custom made, a similar look can be achieved by building your own stacked-stone retaining wall around the perimeter of your pool. If your stone-stacking skills are a bit under par, call in a professional to help.

8. Stylish Tile

For a sleek, modern update to an above-ground concrete pool that has seen better days, consider covering it in black mosaic tile and adding dramatic uplighting.

9. Lounge Space

Incorporate extra seating and lounge space around your pool to create a more jovial atmosphere and encourage guests to gather and interact. A built-in wood bench lined with outdoor cushions is a great way to add style and extra seating to a plain pool tucked up against a lower-level deck.

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