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9 Ways to Lighten and Brighten Your Basement

9 Ways to Lighten and Brighten Your Basement

Transform your dark dungeon basement into a light and bright, happy space. Here are some great tips, from colorful pops of art to the clever use of glass doors.

Bold Ceiling

As secondary spaces generally isolated from the rest of a home, basements are perfect for experimenting with bright color. Consider painting a colorful pattern on the ceiling to inject high energy in an otherwise darkly lit basement.

Colorful Artwork

An easy way to add a colorful touch to your basement without any real commitment or expense is to frame graphic art and hang it. Clean and simple, the art will break up white or neutral walls and can be appreciated by children and adults.

Glass Interior Doors

Since light is severely limited in most basements, consider replacing solid interior doors with glass-front interior doors. This will allow any natural light from nearby spaces with windows to fill otherwise dim spaces.

High Sitting Interior Windows

A common problem for homeowners when it comes to basements is lack of wall space for installing windows. Large windows usually aren’t possible due to most basements sit below ground. If you have any above-ground exterior surfaces, consider installing high-sitting windows just below the basement ceiling.

Paned Glass Entry

For basements with direct outside access, paned glass exterior entry doors are a perfect fit. Not only are they aesthetically appealing, the natural light they allow inside dissolves the dark and dingy basement vibe.

Recessed Can Lights

Space is at a premium in most basements, so it is important to take advantage of the little space you have. Recessed can lighting utilizes the overhead ceiling surface and effectively serves to keep the basement brightly lit after dark.

Sconce Lighting

Another effective lighting option is wall-mounted sconce lighting. This frees up floor space and table surfaces, and can also add drama and ambience.

Flat White Ceiling

Flat white paint is often used by designers on ceilings to help bounce light throughout rooms. This technique is especially useful in a basement since any extra pop of light reflection can make a significant difference.

White Wood Plank Ceiling

For those dealing with a dated ceiling treatment like popcorn or a stipples effect, consider installing white wood plank directly over it. This solution will keep the ceiling light and bright, clean and classic, without any big expense or messy ceiling demolition.

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