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9 Stylish Decorating Ideas to Go With Wood Floors

9 Stylish Decorating Ideas to Go With Wood Floors

Bring out the warmth and natural beauty of your wood floors with these simple design tricks.

Popular across homes of all styles, wood floors are versatile, practical and bring a sense of warmth to any room. When decorating spaces with wood flooring, it’s important to choose wall colors, furniture and accessories that go with the floors, rather than clash. Luckily, it’s not as hard as it may seem. Here are a few simple design tricks to enhance the timelessness of your flooring while also allowing for personal style.

1. Complementary Color Palette

Choosing a color scheme can be one of the toughest parts of decorating with wood floors. The key? Looking at the undertone in your flooring. There are often hints of yellow, orange, red, brown or gray in the finish. Once you’ve identified the underlying color, then it’s simply a matter of applying principles of the color wheel to pick complementary hues. For example, if your floors have yellow or orange undertones, shades of blue will help balance them out. Green works well with floors featuring brown undertones.

2. Incorporate a Variety of Materials

A room with wood flooring and wood furnishings can come off a bit heavy for most people. To balance the look, consider using a variety of materials among your furniture and accessories. Woven fabrics, metal, concrete, leather and painted surfaces are all textures that pair beautifully with wood floors. Use them throughout your room design, whether through upholstered seating, accent furniture or wall decor. Similarly, wood accents can be layered in to tie the room together, but in smaller ways — like furniture legs and small accessories.

3. Soften with Rugs

Minimize the effect of any discomfort from walking on hard floors all day by adding in comfy area rugs. In addition to bringing warmth and softness, rugs are also a great way to add color, help define sitting areas in open layouts, and anchor pieces of furniture into a cohesive group.

4. Highlight Modern Wood Floors

Traditional interiors and wood flooring is a natural pairing, but consider using wood floors as a nice contrast to sleek modern elements as well. Wood is especially good for injecting warmth into kitchens, where cold, hard surfaces dominate. Heighten the drama with streamlined hardware, contemporary cabinets, and modern-style lighting.

5. Mix Wood Tones

There is no requirement that mandates wood tones must match. In fact, a modern approach to interior design encourages blending the rustic with the polished in multiple stains and grains for an eclectic, collected-over-time look. So go ahead — combine wood floors and furniture that are diverse in texture and stain. Just try to stick with wood finishes in a similar undertone, such as gray or yellow.

6. Use Texture for Balance

Because wood presents with a strong visual weight, try using softer fabrics and area rugs for balance — think sheepskin or lambswool for rugs and airy textiles for window treatments. Also incorporate materials like glass and metal to help create a layered feel.

7. Lighten Up Dark Floors

If your home has dark floors throughout, there are clever ways to pull light into the rooms. For instance, white painted walls, brighter cabinet choices, or patterned area rugs are all effective ways to provide brilliant contrast. In addition, find window treatments that permit natural light to flow into the space. Not only will this help lighten up the room, it’ll showcase the beauty of the floor’s wood grain.

8. Treat Wood Like a Neutral

Any wood floors without intense red or yellow undertones should be considered a neutral. Simply put, doing so will free you up to layer furniture and accents in the color palette of your choice.

9. Distract with Colorful Accents

For those with unattractive or damaged floors, consider using artful distraction tactics to take the spotlight off of them. For example, try layering painted pieces into your room design. These brightly colored accents will serve to create a cheerful atmosphere as well as draw the eye up and away from the floors.

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