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9 Practically Free Kitchen Updates

9 Practically Free Kitchen Updates

Giving your kitchen a much-needed refresh doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Even minor changes can have a big impact when you get creative.

Rework Your Layout

Although kitchen layouts are typically more permanent than other rooms, you can still adopt the budget-friendly tip of rearranging the furnishings and decor you already own. Simply pull all the furniture out — china cabinets, movable islands, stools — and clear off the countertops. Then start playing around with new arrangements. If you can declutter countertops and shelving while rearranging, all the better. This alone will refresh your space in an instant.

Reorganize for Maximum Efficiency

As long as you’re rearranging, don’t forget the inside of your pantry and cabinets. See how you can make them serve you better. For example, try relocating the glasses closer to the fridge, or move the silverware to a drawer under your plates. Making your kitchen layout more functional serves huge dividends and doesn’t cost a penny. To further this goal, look for inexpensive additions like dividers for drawers or pullouts for deep-set cabinets.

Wallpaper Accent Wall

As most know, wallpaper is once again a thing, adding major style points to any space. Consider covering a single wall in your kitchen to create an accent piece that will bring some extra pizzazz. Since you’re just covering a small area, it shouldn’t cost too much. You can even use up leftover wallpaper from another project if you have any laying around.

Window Topper

Create a pretty window topper out of a colorful apron, tablecloth, shower curtain, or just about any piece of leftover fabric in good shape. If you’re not big on sewing, a no-sew version will do just fine. Simply cut the fabric to size and then create a pocket for hanging with iron-on fusible webbing. Use the webbing to hem the rough edges as well, and voila!

Unexpected Color

Seek out a spot in the kitchen that is slightly hidden, such as the side of an island, and paint it for an unexpected pop of color. Targeting such a small area won’t require much paint, so you can use up leftovers from another project or purchase a small sample can. If you’re stuck on what color to choose, classic navy makes a great choice, bringing richness and depth to any bright and airy kitchen filled with whites and pale woods.

Chalk Talk

Turn your boring kitchen into a fun hangout for the family by painting a wall or section of smooth cabinet doors with chalkboard paint. Inexpensive and family-friendly, this change will allow your family to get creative with colorful drawings and special messages.

Window Display

Most kitchens have a sunny window, so why not turn yours into a spot for exhibiting a collection of your favorite kitchen items? For example, a grouping of vintage pieces in the same color palette makes a lovely display. Another idea is using the space to grow herbs and flowering plants that thrive in full-sun conditions.

Show It Off

Removing a set of cabinet doors and filling the shelves with a display of pretty dishes is an inexpensive way to create the look of a built-in China cabinet. For even more impact, try adding color or wallpaper to the back of the cabinet.

Add Color Underfoot

Rich color in small doses equals big impact in every way, except on the wallet. One method that injects much-needed color is doing so underfoot — try adding a saturated runner. Not only will it refresh your kitchen visually, it will bring softness underfoot in a place where a lot of time is spent standing.

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