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9 Plants to Add for Instant Curb Appeal

9 Plants to Add for Instant Curb Appeal

Whether you’re prepping a home to put on the market or just looking to dial up the curb appeal of your home, these shrubs and flowers will do the job — and fast!


It’s always a good idea to start with evergreens that give structure to your yard when considering curb appeal. Boxwoods are a great foundational plant and come in many sizes, so they can be added to beds and borders.

Consider mixing in annuals and other plants with year-round interest. Annuals provide immediate color. Using pots is also a good idea and can be used to jazz up an area lacking interest.


Also known as heavenly bamboo, Nandina has an airy looking foliage and white flowers in the spring. In the fall, the foliage turns vibrant shades of red, bronze and purple, and red berries appear. It tends to be a carefree shrub and provides curb appeal for all four seasons in many regions.


Easy to grow, low maintenance and spectacular when in bloom, hydrangeas give a lot of bang for the buck. Most of the flowering shrubs prefer morning sun and afternoon shade. Because of its lush, leafy foliage, homeowners commonly use hydrangeas to camouflage an unsightly foundation. If that’s the case, remember to leave a couple of feet between the plants and the house so they have room to spread.


A great flower to plant in beds or around your mailbox or porch, azaleas are sure to catch the eye of passers by. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, most thrive on filtered sun or a spot that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. For those on a budget, a few dwarf azaleas in containers near the entrance of your home go a long way!


Shade-loving hostas are perfect for bare spots under your trees or around shrubs and in borders. While their flowers aren’t showy, their leaves really stand out. Available in shades of green, grey, blue, cream and yellow-gold, hostas are hardy in most zones. Choose small, medium or large varieties. Mix containers of shade-loving begonias and impatiens amongst your hostas for pops of color.


Sun-loving and cheerful, daylilies bring color and are a touch perennial. They tolerate heat and drought, as well as many pests and diseases. There are early, mid- and late-season varieties, so if you plant all of them you’ll have a great display that lasts for weeks.


Relatively inexpensive and easy to establish, annuals make good fillers when bulbs, perennials or flowering shrubs go out of bloom. Plant them in containers, hanging baskets or window boxes for splashes of color and quick curb appeal. Specifically, marigolds, petunias and geraniums are well liked and easy to grow. Pansies, mums or ornamental kales and cabbages are great for cooler months.


Great for year-round interest and curb appeal, deutzias are wonderful shrubs to grow! They produce clumps of small white or pinkish flowers in the spring, and in the winter they lose their leaves to reveal attractive, peeling bark. Plant them in the sun or partial shade.

Mailbox Plants

Is your mailbox dullsville? Try dressing it up with a mix of perennials, such as evergreens, compact inkberry hollies and graceful ornamental grasses, and colorful annuals, like coleus and lantanas. Be sure to assemble a group of plants that thrive on the same basic growing conditions.

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